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Barra Bliss

Drums please... A sick new movie edit just dropped! Check out FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij showing the versatility of our all-new closed cell foilkite, the SOUL in the lagoons at Barra Nova, Brazil.

Flying over Thailand

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij had a brilliant time in Thailand earlier this year. Check his new video edit, including freestyle moves on his Levitaz cruizer foil!

FLYSURFER athletes charging 20m+ airs in the Storm Ali

Fall has arrived, and the anxiety build up for some proper wind under kiteboarders was high, check out this short clip of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding riders Guy Bridge, Olly Bridge and Dylan van der Meij, charging some 20m+ airs and making the...

Bonaire Transitions Tutorial FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij, takes us with him for a small how-to tutorial clip on transitions, text instructions below! Backroll handdrag: Come into the trick with proper speed and your kite high. Kick up your board...

Marcha Imperial

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Matias Lee ripping it up around Brazil, visiting Atins, Jericoacoara & Cumbuco. Check out ninja Mati his unique video edit, share the stoke!

Fabulous Fuerteventura

Impression from a 1 week kitesurf trip to Fuerteventura - small but clean waves and strong wind every day. Alina Shalin slashing waves apart on our FLYSURFER Kiteboarding BOOST3. Special thanks to Adam Sims for the awesome video! Make your...

FLYDOOR6 … keep going

Your next session is guaranteed! We introduce the FLYDOOR6, the perfect kiteboard for summer breezes. Six reasons why DOORS should not be touched, but ridden! Maximize your time on the water with 159cm of effortless...

Florian Gruber’s 3rd TT:R World Championship Title

FLYSURFER presents the world’s fastest kite - the SONIC Race VMG - Florian Gruber wins his third successive TT:R World Championship Title! A fleet of the globe’s fastest young kite racers had gathered to battle for the 2018 TwinTip: Racing World title on...

Double European Championship Titles

With a week of thrilling racing in conditions from 6 to well over 25 knots, the Formula Kite 2018 European Championships came to an end yesterday with FLYSURFER athlete’s Guy Bridge and Daniela Moroz taking the overall honors and medals at the hydrofoil...


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