Service order process and contact info

Do you need a repair, tuning or spare parts fitted? Then check our Partner Map first to see if there is a dealer near you. A local dealer will offer you faster help and cheaper support, as you can save on shipping and customs costs, for example. If there is no dealer near you, please follow the procedures below.

If you are in need of additional help, we can be reached at our headquarter via phone or email.

If a delivery is necessary follow these steps:

1. Print out the Service order [pdf] and fill it out accordingly!
2. Attention! An exact description of the damage and its origin as well as complete data (see service order) are absolutely necessary for fast processing.
3. Pack the product up safely in dry and clean (please no sand!) condition.
4. Send the item together with the completed service order (and in the case of special agreements, please send a copy of the e-mail correspondence) to the adjacent address.
5. You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the goods by e-mail.

Service order process

At Flysurfer, service orders are handled as follows:

  1. After receiving the product you will get a receipt for your goods via email.
  2. Afterwards you will get an estimate of the costs. We will wait to perform any repair or service until we receive your written confirmation via e-mail.
  3. Once our workshop has finished repairing your product you will receive an invoice by e-mail. Complete payment is required before we can ship the product back to you.
  4. After we have received your payment, the product will be sent via UPS within 1-2 business days.

Returns from outside the EU

For shipments outside the EU, please send the service order including the serial number of the item in advance by e-mail to our Technical Support ( so that any discrepancies at customs can be clarified more quickly. For returns from a third country, we ask that the goods are properly declared. The following information is required for this:

  • An attached invoice including the products being returned
  • Statement of the reason for the return (repair – returned to the manufacturer) on the shipping document

If additional/retroactive customs fees or duties are charged due to missing or incomplete documentation, you will be billed for these costs.

Check out our Partner Map to find a distributor near you!

Phone: +49 (0) 8641 6948 0

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Depending on the amount of work needed, you should expect your product to be repaired within 2 weeks after arrival in our workshop.


Our workshop bills repairs at a rate of 79,- EUR/hour. The customer bears the costs for returning the goods.



To minimize repair costs, make sure your kite is clean and dry before sending, and use tape to mark areas that need repair.


Contact Details

To prevent delays, make sure the address, telephone number and e-mail address provided on the service order are legible.