The future is mine! – Viola Lippitsch 

The young Viennese Viola Lippitsch is Austrias future on the international wingfoil scene! She started her sports career at the tender age of 2.5 years with skiing, followed by several years of snowboarding. However, Viola’s adventurous spirit is not limited to winter sports; she passionately practices kitesurfing and mountain biking. Her athletic skills also extend to the handball field, where she played competitively in a club before discovering wingfoiling for herself. 


Beyond her sporting enthusiasm, Viola has a deep connection to the ocean. Driven by the power of tides and wind, she constantly seeks ways to spend her leisure time with rhythmic, flowing movements. This fascination with natural forces is a part of her personality that fuels her ambition and motivation. 


Viola’s creativity is as diverse as her sporting interests. Foreign cultures have a special appeal and inspire her. In crafts, her creativity manifests itself – a testament to her practical approach and vision. 

Her aspirations to win a world championship title one day go beyond personal success. Her commitment to environmental protection matches the responsibility of her generation and emphasizes a deep respect and the desire to preserve our home, the Earth. 


FLYSURFER: Hello Viola, welcome to the team! 
You come from a landlocked country and live in a big city. How can you train efficiently here? 

Viola: The Danube River runs through Vienna, and there are several standing bodies of water where I train every free minute – provided there are good northwest or southeast wind conditions. 

FLYSURFER: You’ve already had a few sessions with the TAO. What makes the wing stand out?

Viola: The Tao is a fantastic wing, especially for waves and freestyle. It’s perfect for my freestyle maneuvers as it rotates easily and is stable in handling. It also gives my jumps the ideal height. 


FLYSURFER: What are your expectations for the upcoming competitive season, and where do you see your strengths?

Viola: I focus on the freestyle competitions, where I want to develop consistently, aiming for one or two podium places.
My strength is that I can perform very well in competitions despite my limited training opportunities due to my location. I want to use this momentum to achieve my goals in the coming season.

FLYSURFER: Balancing the many travels and training with school, how hard is it to keep up the motivation?  

Viola: I motivate myself to perform well in school to live my dream on the water. 

FLYSURFER: Is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to?

Viola: I’m happy to be a part of the FLYSURFER family now and look forward to the upcoming season, the adventures, and working with my teammates. 


Photos: @skatermanco

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