So safe & secure that Frank – our lifeguard – can extend his break.

What is kitesurfing about? It’s magic, freedom, fun, action, thrill – the list is endless, and it means something different for all of us. But regardless of what excites us about this sport, safety is important. And this is precisely where the INDIE by FLYSURFER comes into play, aiming to make kitesurfing as safe as possible, so you can focus on the exciting parts of the sport. 

Imagine a tricky area to launch your kite, where the spot is probably busy and you absolutely have to rely on your kite. Launching the INDIE is intuitive and easy. Be one with the INDIE from the first session and feel at home, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you. Be amazed by its balanced flying characteristics and steady pull. Enjoy an agile, easy-to-steer kite that generates equal holding and steering forces. Practice jumps, water starts, or technical maneuvers on any board. The INDIE does it all by gently supporting its rider, giving confidence to progress at any time. 

The INDIE constantly pulls without generating significant power peaks. The linear power/depower delivery provides a steady feel without offsetting the rider’s balance. Being easy to steer, even single-handedly or while depowered, it will react immediately and smoothly. By sheeting out with the control bar, the depower increasingly gives the rider extra reliability to avoid any tricky situation. Riders who want more bar feedback can increase the steering forces at the tip. 

Trust your INDIE! 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation while kitesurfing where you felt anxious or overwhelmed by the power of the kite? So have we, and probably every rider has felt that way at least once. However, the INDIE offers a special safety feature due to its shape. Its design ensures it automatically positions itself at the edge of the wind window.

In uncomfortable situations, you can simply let go of the bar, and the kite will remain stable in the water waiting for control impulses while you can gather yourself, check your surrounding and get ready for the relaunch. Be adventurous with your riding, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes, the INDIE relaunches easily and will be airborne within seconds. 

The INDIE – a true light wind weapon 

The lightweight construction opens a world of opportunities and invites you to explore the unknown. The minimalistic construction and 2×4 bridle system support the kite’s light wind performance. Due to the one strut construction, the overall weight of the kite is reduced enormously compared to three or five strut kites and the lower mass inertia has a hugely positive effect on drift. This brings the fun factor to a new level, especially in waves, on foils or when doing tricks. 

Relaunching a kite has never been easier in light wind conditions and stands for our safety-conscious design approach. The bridle configuration and outline allow the canopy to twist and support the relaunch. Fly the INDIE, preferably in light to medium wind speeds, and pair it with a twin tip. Alternatively, use a hydrofoil or surfboard if the conditions suit.  

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