The highly anticipated second version of the SOUL hides its biggest change inside. The expectations of making a quantum leap in terms of performance were enormous. But aren’t we all fed up with higher, faster, further? Our brand philosophy is and always was building sustainable products with cutting edge technology in the highest quality possible.

The SOUL is our most successful product because we have developed a kite that is still looking for its equal. Easily accessible performance, precise control, blended with enormous comfort for highest ease of use. It grows with expectations and skills and holds its value for years. That is why we decided to take a logical step. We are increasing the longevity and improving the handling. With this measure, we do not devalue the first version of the SOUL in terms of performance and ensure that it brings good money on the 2nd hand market.

Switching to the new SOUL is an investment in an even more valuable product and highly cost-effective. After touching the kite for the first time you immediately notice the new TX-Light cloth, which has already proven its added value inside the VMG.

What are the differences between X-Light and TX-Light?

The following features have changed: increased tear resistance, improved diagonal rigidity, triple RipStop, soft- and hard finish coating, 33g/m ². We chose grey instead of white cloth reducing yellowing due to UV radiation. The stiffness allows the kite to stay more compact in the air and improves the bar feedback.

Due to the high-quality cloth, we added more Crossports on the inside of the new SOUL.
The Crossports are holes, which are cut into the profile, to increase air circulation inside the kite. The wingtips reinflation has improved significantly, keeping the air pressure high at all times. In addition, we increased the surface area of the tips, improving stability in light-wind conditions when parking the kite at the edge of the wind window. Another advantage is the weight reduction. You benefit during launching and packing of the kite: 

The kite gets its full shape faster and is easier to control during the launch. Additionally, the air can flow more efficiently from the middle section to the outlet valve when packing. Rolling up takes less time and effort.

Does the SOUL sink earlier than its predecessor?

No, but water entry can generally not be prevented. We have made each of our foil kites as airtight and waterproof as possible in order to exhaust the time until the relaunch. Depending on your skills, the SOUL can stay in the water for a long time and remains relaunch able. Our integrated drainage system further supports the relaunch. It guides incoming water from the trailing edge to a 45 ° cut-off opening on the wingtip. If the kite is full of water, after a self-rescue, we advise you to slowly drain the SOUL. Pulling and tugging damages the construction and in extreme cases can affect stability and performance. Therefore, the additional reinforcements contribute to damage prevention and underline our all-terrain approach. If damage does occur, we recommend professional help from a FLYSURFER sales partner. If you are on vacation, a look at the repair kit will help.

If the fabric gets damaged (e.g. by a sharp object), we have included repair parts. The area to be repaired must be clean, dry and free of grease. Quick repairs are possible with a self-adhesive spinnaker patch. Always cut the spinnaker patch round. Repair the kite from the inside. A special binder (silicone sealant) for the TX-Light fabric is available at FLYSURFER sales partners. The set includes repair instructions. If there is a tear that is less than about 5 cm from a seam, it is advisable to sew the damage. There is the possibility of having high-quality repairs carried out at our headquarters. We can swap entire chambers can so that damage remains invisible.

The SOUL can maintain its performance over a long period of time. We added another maintenance tool for the bridle check. The Trim Checker is a handle with a splice lock and attachment points for fixing the front and back main lines. Fix the tool to an object with a Larkshead, enabling the bridle check to be done independently. Click the link to our SOUL user manual and follow the instructions.

The new SOUL remains unmistakably versatile and is the first choice for people who value their freedom. I never travel without my SOUL 10, which is the one-kite solution with a hydrofoil. A loyal companion even in winter and brings me safely to my destination in rough conditions. If the wind gets strong, I recommend the RUSH 137 for a big air session to have fun. If all of that is not enough, then there is no way around the powerful SONIC. How does this compare to the SOUL? You can read more about it next week. 

Cheers, Chris

Photo Credits: Eike Stoll

Photo Credits: Miriam Joanna

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