SPEED5 - explore new dimensions
SPEED5 - explore new dimensions


Freeride, Travel, Hydrofoil

Break boundaries with the ultimate all-rounder! The legendary flight characteristics paired with the highest level of user-friendliness offer maximum performance for every style. Sporty or comfortable, a kite that takes your riding to the next level. The SOUL offers confidence-inspiring stability, intuitive handling, maximum durability, and lasting value for many years. Always choose the right kite and make your free time pure enjoyment!
TECHNOLOGYClosed-Cell Foil Kite
SKILLSBeginner - Advanced
SIZES6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21








DLX+ Material

Smart Performance Construction

Particularly good aging resistance, high tear resistance, additional ripstop threads, and enormous stiffness at only 33g / m² make the TX-Light fabric perfect for the upper and lower sails of our foil kites. Inside, the TX-Light Hardfinish fabric enables increased use of cross ports. The leading edge consists of 44g / m² DLX + fabric which better protects against abrasion and sharp-edged objects. Every fabric is optimized for its use, from UV-resistant surfaces and air-impermeable coatings to absorbent properties to improve airflow when wet.
Rigid Foil Technologie

Camber Trim System

Bridle levels of the kite are controlled by the mixer, a pulley system which modulates the angle of attack and the profile camber. The mixer features the two-ring camber trim system. Moving the rings changes the relationship between the B or C level relative to the A level. The profile of the foil kite can be trimmed to be either flat or curved.
Double Cordwise Ballooning

4 Level Ram Air Technology

The 4-Level Ram Air Technology (A, B, C, Z) distributes the forces over the entire profile depth of the foil kite and perfectly meets the requirements of a freeride product. Controlling the 4 levels via the mixer improves turning and supports relaunching. The foil kite changes its angle of attack as well as the profile camber without any loss of stability.
Automatisches Lentzsystem

High Pressure Air Intake

The air intakes are integrated into the leading edge and ensure the optimal dynamic pressure in our foil kites. After the foil kite is filled with air, the walls of the air intake are automatically pressed together. The self-deflating is prevented, and the kite holds its wing shape.
Triple Depower

Reflex Profile

The reflex profile keeps the foil kite stable at a low angle of attack and at full acceleration. The counter-arching pushes the trailing edge down and prevents a front stall. The reflex profile is essential for controlling and depowering a foil kite.
Verstärkte Konstruktion

Automatic Drainage System

The Automatic Drainage System hides in the internal construction of our closed-cell foil kites. Dirt, water and small objects that got inside the kite slide automatically from the middle section to the wingtips. They exit the kite through two big holes at the trailing edge of the wingtips.
Verstärkte Konstruktion

Bridle Check Tool

The bridle check tool makes it easier to compare the bridle line lengths. At each level (A, B, C, Z), on each wing side of the foil kite, black markings make comparing front and back main line lengths easy (see line plan). To restore the flight characteristics, length differences between B and C levels relative to A level must be annulled by moving the rings on the mixer. To maintain performance and stability, we recommend regularly checking using the bridle check tool, if the product is used intensively.
Double Cordwise Ballooning

Profile Momentum Adjuster

The PMAs are knot ladders that are sewn onto the profile in inside the foil kite. They sit on the upper and lower sail between the A and B levels. By shortening the knot ladders, the profile camber can be adjusted, which gives the foil kite more performance or stability. If a change is made, it should be made symmetrically. We recommend the help of a FLYSURFER sales partner to ensure correct settings of the Profile Momentum Adjuster.


Get your hands on the legendary all-rounder foil kite with impressive handling and exceptional performance! Regardless of ability and use, its versatility always makes the SOUL the right choice. Its sporty feeling is perfect for ambitious kiters who push their limits. The easy start and restart behavior are essential for those who want to switch from L.E.I. to foil kites. It confidently fulfills the requirements of a light wind weapon and a big air machine. The real strength of the SOUL is its breathtaking and addicting jumping performance. The small pack size is extremely convenient for traveling and makes everyday use more comfortable. The meticulously handcrafted TX-Light construction gives the SOUL its aerodynamic efficiency, superb stability, and its striking, sporty design. The high-quality materials are supported by essential maintenance features for long-term use and increase value retention. Do not set any limits, go out and spend more time in nature to turn each of your sessions into a SOUL session!
Scope of delivery:

SOUL Kite only
Compression Strap
Trim Checker
Repair Kit
Kite Safety Guide

Rider weight50 - 60 kg60 - 70 kg70 - 80 kg80 - 95 kg95+ kg
Control Bar sizeS / MS / MMM / LM / L
Board Size128 - 136 cm128 - 138 cm133 - 140 cm137 - 159 cm140 - 159 cm
Stancetighttight, neutralneutralneutral, widewide
Kite sizes6 / 8 / 106 / 8 / 126 / 10 / 158 / 12 / 1810 / 15 / 21
Line length17 m17-20 m20 m20 m20 m

Wind Range SOUL2

The wind range chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, board size/type (twintip or hydrofoil) and wind conditions on water or land. When choosing a kite size, always use common sense and repeatedly choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.

ColorDusty Pink / Dove / PetrolDusty Pink / Dove / PetrolOcean / Dove / PetrolOcean / Dove / PetrolAmber / Dove / PetrolAmber / Dove / PetrolWhite / Dove / Petrol
Area (projected)4,986,658,299,9512,4414,9317,42
Aspect Ratio5.
Depth of the profile (cm)135156165180200234217
Wing Span Flat (cm)54863374582092110221104
Weight = canopy + complete bridle + mixer (kg)1,421,752,042,322,723,083,48
Recommended barsize5050505050 / 6060/6360/63

What's new?

  • longevity
  • light wind control/handling
  • quick air inflation/launching
  • rigidity
  • bar feedback
  • ease of use

Technical changes

  • Topsail tensioning >> cleaner airflow
  • Optimized wingtip shape >> larger area, generates more lift
  • 45 ° cut at the drainage exit >> improves relaunch
  • TX-Light fabric >> light, tear-resistant, diagonal-stiff, durable
  • Extra Cross ports >> decreases weight, better inflation, and easier launching
  • Reinforced bridle attachment points >> damage prevention

What is the difference between the X-Light cloth of the SOUL1 and the TX-Light cloth of the SOUL2?

The following attributes have changed: increased tear resistance, improved diagonal tensile strendth, triple Ripstop, soft and hard finish coatings, 33g / m². We use gray instead of white to prevent yellowing from UV rays. Seam separation when packing the kite is greatly reduced. The tensile strength makes the kite more compact / stiff in the air and improves the bar feedback and control precision.

Is the SOUL easier to launch?

The increased number of cross ports improves inflation and reduces weight. The kite gets its full shape faster and is therefore easier to control when launching. Furthermore, the air can evacuate faster through the deflation valve when packing. Rolling up takes less time and effort.

Does the SOUL sink as soon as it hits the water?

Water ingress is inevitable. We have made the SOUL as airtight and waterproof as possible to extend the time window for a water relaunch. Depending on use or skills, the SOUL can lie in the water for a very long time and then be relaunched. The relaunch is supported by our drainage system in the interior of the kite; Water flows to the trailing edge and exists via a 45 ° cut-off opening on the wingtip.

What is the mixer?

The mixer is a pulley system that modulates the bridle levels of a foil kite with different ratios. The Camber Trim System for adjusting the levels is located above the integrated pulleys. Below the pulleys are the front and back main lines connecting to the control bar’s flying lines.

What do I use the trim checker that comes with the kite for?

The included trim checker is a handle with a splice lock and attachment points for fixing the front and back main lines. It makes it easier to adjust the camber trim system and to use the bridle check tool. We recommend the help of a second person.

When do I start using the bridle check tool?

The bridle check tool is illustrated in the line plan and consists reference points marked in black for comparing bridle line lengths after use. To counteract the aging process, the SOUL can be serviced using the camber trim system on the mixer. We recommend the first check after 10 hours. The kite should then be checked after you feel a difference in performance or stability. We recommend the help of a specialist.

My SOUL back stalls, what can I do?

The trim procedure always starts with the bar setup check. All four flying lines must have equal length or need to be brought to the same level when the control bar is sheeted in. After a successful bar setup check, the C and B levels of the SOUL can be lengthened with the Camber Trim System.

My SOUL tends to front stall, what can I do?

The trim procedure always starts with the bar setup check. All four flying lines must have equal length or need to be brought to the same level when the control bar is sheeted in. After a successful bar setup check, the C and B levels of the SOUL can be tightened with the Camber Trim System.

Has the SOUL been upgraded for use on land / snow?

The TX-Light cloth and the reinforced bridle attachment points – A1, B1, C1, Z1, Z2 help prevent damage. Risk of serious damage to the product when using the quick release or when a brake line gets caught is significantly reduced.

Will you add sizes 9 and 7 to the line-up?

Sizes 9 & 7 are not part of the current and future SOUL2 line-up.
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