Kitedesigner Maximilian Kühnhauser and Head of Marketing Christoph Hesina are explaining in a short interview what the new freeride- progression line, the BOOST & FLOW, is all about.

What’s new about the fourth edition of the BOOST? 

Maxi Kühnhauser: We revamped the bridle line system and integrated pulleys, which led to better bar feedback and improved the relaunch. On top of that, we changed some technical details, rethought the placement of all reinforcements to optimize the weight distribution.

What are the main features? 

Maxi Kühnhauser: New pulley assisted bridle line system and weight reduction. With the introduction of the pulleys, we made the flying characteristics calmer and more predictable. Our goal was to keep the BOOSTs accessible and give the rider a great feeling from the get-go. We have also simplified the production process to increase the quality of the product and give the BOOST its slick look.

Why did you specifically choose 9,11,13,15,18?

Christoph Hesina: The BOOST has a swept-back outline, a thin leading edge and a deep profile all together the construction works best in light and moderate winds. The kite is great for freeriding and lofty jumps. We built the STOKE2 to cover all other aspects of the sport. We strongly believe in a mix between BOOST and STOKE to cover the wind range. Simply said every kite has its purpose and we do not want to confuse our customers but give them the perfect kite for the conditions they are facing.

Which target-groups is the new BOOST addressing?

Christoph Hesina: It’s a trustworthy kite that boosts your confidence, a product to push your skills with. The perfect freeride kite with power on demand, great upwind- and jumping performance. Simply a kite that never gets boring or lets you down, no matter your skill level or how far you’ve progressed in the sport.

How does it fly in combination with a foil? Which size would you recommend?

Maxi Kühnhause: Since the first generation of the BOOST, the sizes 15 and 13 have always been extraordinary hydrofoil kites. We haven’t changed that and made the 13m even lighter than before.

Can you unhook on the new BOOST?

Christoph Hesina: Why not? 😀 I recommend the 15m and 13m BOOST for learning unhooked tricks or to riders who have thermal winds at their home spot.

What are the benefits when riding the FLOW?

Maxi Kühnhauser: The FLOW is a very forgiving ride that avoids water spray and runs easily upwind. If you are looking for a comfy board with early planing abilities, you will feel right at home with our progression line.

In which conditions does the FLOW work best?  

Christoph Hesina: Since the pandemic fully hit Central Europe last year, we are forced to test our prototypes at our local lakes. Therefore, the FLOW works great in choppy water paired with performant kites. As we always say if it works on our lakes with gusty winds then it works phenomenally on the sea. 😉 Our long-term tests were made by our school partners in Egypt.

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