Dear valued FLYSURFER customer,

We have received some feedback from our FLYSURFER schools that after very intense use of the FORCE Bar and very heavy load can lead to breakage of the PU-Covered Depower Line (depower line). During the subsequent quality control, this weakness could be proven.

The reason for the too low breaking load after appropriate aging is an incorrectly installed line by our production. This potential risk could result in personal injury or kite damage.

We are not aware of any accidents due to this error. In order to exclude any risk for our customers, we call the FORCE Control Bar [S] as a precaution, [M], [L] as well as the INFINITY Control Bar [M] & [L] back. The control bars affected by the recall are checked and rebuilt in our in-house workshop or in some countries by selected & authorized dealers. This service is of course free of charge for our customers.

Please send your Control Bar immediately and directly to FLYSURFER. The exact procedure is described below. Alternatively, you can return the Control Bar also to an authorized FLYSURFER dealer. Before doing so, it is mandatory to fill in the service order form. The FLYSURFER sales partner will contact us directly. Find your nearest authorized FLYSURFER sales partner here:

FORCE Control Bar [S], [M] & [L]

INFINITY Control Bar [M] & [L]

Which control bar versions are affected?

The precautionary recall concerns exclusively FLYSURFER FORCE & INFINITY Control Bars from delivery date 01.05.2019 onwards.

Step 1: Check the serial number. Where you can find the serial number(s) on the bar stick(s), is explained here:

FORCE Control Bar [S], [M] & [L]  –  built in 2019
The nine-digit serial number is located on the back below the “STOP” lettering. 

INFINITY Control Bar [M] & [L]  –  built in 2019
The nine-digit serial number is located at the right end of the bar.

Note: The green Infinity 3.0 Airstyle Control Bar 50 & 60 and CONNECT Control Bar are NOT affected by the precautionary recall!

Step 2: Please fill-in completely our service order:

Step 3: In the field “KITE” please enter the following as shown in this example:

FORCE or INFINITY + Size + Serial number: 123456789

Step 4: In the “WORKS TO BE PERFORMED” field, enter the following as shown in this example:

Other – Recall Control Bar

Step 5: Afterwards, please send the Control Bar directly to FLYSURFER with the filled-in service order form. Please note: The Control Bar cannot be checked and rebuilt without a fully filled-in service order form! Alternatively, you can return the Control Bar to an authorized FLYSURFER dealer together with the pre-filled service order form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time:

More information about the process can be found here:


How do I know which line was installed on my FLYSURFER Control Bar?
The current wrongly installed line has a white coating, visually recognizable just below the clam cleat.

Can I optically recognize the damage or the wear?
Our tests have shown that there is no visual indication of the vulnerability. The line may tear at random places after very heavy use.

How long does the conversion take?
Of course, we try to keep the waiting time as short as possible.

Can I get a replacement control bar for the period of the conversion?
We kindly ask for your understanding, due to the extent of the recall, it is unfortunately not possible for us to provide a replacement for the duration of the conversion.

Can I change the depower line myself?
The safety of our customer is top priority, therefore only FLYSURFER or selected & authorized partners take over the responsibility for the free of charge conversion.

Will the product recall result in additional costs for me as a customer?
You can send the package directly to FLYSURFER or you can return the Control Bar to an authorized FLYSURFER dealer. The FLYSURFER in-house workshop or the selected & authorized FLYSURFER dealer changes the depower line at the control bar and carries out a bar check as well. Afterwards, the Control Bar will be sent as soon as possible and free of charge to you.

Important note: Please make use of the free of charge service offer and do not replace the depower line by yourself!


For further questions we are happy to help you. Please feel free to contact us at any time:

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