Today is the day – we are excited to present you an entire new product line to our portfolio; the all-new STOKE. This new FLYSURFER 3-Strut LEI/Tubekite with Open-C shape offers you balanced performance in any wind conditions. Simply adjust the STOKE to your personal preferences. And ride the way you love. Its superb bar-feel gives you full control & confidence to throw big loops, shred massive waves or unleash its explosive pop. An easy choice for riders who like unhooked-freestyle, wave riding or gnarly big airs.

The STOKE is a powerful freestyle-, wave-, freeridekite, a true all in one product and the perfect supplement to our L.E.I. portfolio. If you are an ambitious rider who wants to redefine the limits and progress with ease – this is the kite you are looking for. Share the STOKE!

The STOKE is available soon at your trusted FLYSURFER dealer in the sizes 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0/10.0/12.0/14.0m.

Visit us at one of our upcoming Testivals and try the most radical FLYSURFER kite to date and… share the stoke!

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