You want to get more details about the brand new TAO? Are you interested in comparison with MOJO BRIGHT and PURE edition? Here we will answer the initial questions and explain the field of application, as well as the technical innovations and their impact on flight behavior.
Who ist the TAO for?

The TAO covers the full range of wing foiling.

From the requirements for beginners, who need ease of use and safety, to the radical big wave surfer, looking for an extremely lightweight wing with high agility, our surf wing covers it all.

For all wingers who seek their balance on the weekends, we have built the perfect product. Enjoy high comfort with smoothness and impressive gust stability, efficiently covering a wide wind range. Trust in the proven FLYSURFER quality and be amazed by the ease of use and dynamics of the TAO.


When should I switch from MOJO to TAO?

We recommend a switch if you enjoy numerous tacks and jibes and want to learn freestyle tricks. The agility of the TAO particularly benefits spins and loops.

The MOJO, with its high power, is recommended for light wind conditions and racing. Especially riders weighing over 85 kg prefer its enormous performance in the lower wind range under very changeable conditions. The MOJO is reinforced multiple times at the tips and features viewing windows, which are particularly popular for beginners and intermediates.

Which disciplines work particularly well with the TAO?

We have tested the TAO not only in rough South African conditions but also ridden small waves in inland waters of Central Europe. The exceptionally low weight of the wing highlights its specialty in wave/surf discipline.

Unburdened, intuitive, and energy-saving. The TAO doesn’t feel heavy during the session and simply floats as if it’s not there. This allows you to focus on your next moves, and the wing supports you unconditionally. A perfect freeride product.

The efficient power conversion into acceleration enables you to execute take-offs well and thus optimally train extreme freestyle tricks.

All wingers who aspire to participate in World Tour competitions will find the ultimate training tool in the TAO.

What are the technical changes compared to MOJO, and how do I notice them while riding?

The obvious changes include an ergonomic strut, front handle, thinner leading edge, and the absence of windows and extra handles. Furthermore, the wingtip twist, V-shape, and sail tension have been revised.

The most significant difference is the overall weight reduction.

Why are the sizes adjusted compared to the MOJO?

The finer gradation allows each winger to optimally cover the wind range at their home spot. Different body sizes also influenced this decision. We want to offer the ideal option for both children and adults.

SizeTAO21% weight saving to MOJO Bright10% weight saving to MOJO Pure
2.51,48 kg
3.01,68 kg
3.51,78 kg0,52 kg0,22 kg
4.01,96 kg
4.52,16 kg0,50 kg0,26 kg
5.22,28 kg0,56 kg
0,30 kg
6.22,46 kg0,68 kg
0,38 kg
7.02,62 kg0,76 kg0,36 kg
Both MOJO and TAO focus on balance and “superb wind range”. So why is the TAO not called MOJO2?

Both wings are fundamentally designed differently.

The balance of the MOJO refers to the poised forces acting on both arms.

The TAO is balanced on all axes – roll, pitch and yaw. It rolls, pitches, and yaws harmoniously without any disturbance. The forces primarily act on the front arm.

You start earlier with the MOJO. Pumping is efficient, and the wing is generally powerful to ride. Once you reach the upper limit, you need to use the extra handles to reduce the angle of attack and reduce the sail area exposed to the wind. This is the point where MOJO BRIGHT and PURE edition differ. The PURE edition is focused on the lower wind range.

In direct comparison to MOJO, the TAO requires more skill when pumping/taking off. However, it is much easier to control in highly changeable and rapidly increasing winds.


Is the TAO a suitable wing for beginners?

Every wing is suitable for beginners because the sport itself is very easy and safe to learn. We recommend the MOJO for beginners as it is often reinforced, features viewing windows and the extra handles help in many situations. They can make it easier to get up, minimize drag and save energy.

The wingtips of the TAO release from the water very easily. This is very helpful when beginner start gaining speed for the first time and the wing flips over.


What is special about the wingtip twist?

This feature is crucial for smooth flight behavior on upwind and reaching courses. The wingers gain more control and can position their bodies optimally to steadily increase the pressure on the hydrofoil. As a result, you experience more consistent upwind beats, higher top speed, and precise take-offs. Glide more efficiently and jump higher.

Why doesn’t the TAO have viewing windows?

The TAO is optimized for weight and pushed to the limit in this regard. We wanted an extremely lightweight, high-performance and affordable wing that offers a better alternative to the extremely expensive Aluula products.

Thanks for your 5 minutes of attention. You can proudly say that you now know much more about wings. 

Do you have any further questions? Let us know and feel free to write us on Instagram.

FLYSURFER wishes you lots of fun with the TAO!
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