BOOST 5 and 7

After the product launch of the BOOST, our development team used the South African summer to put the 5 m and 7 m sizes through their paces. Of course, we want to share our experiences with you and present the small BOOST in detail.

The special feature of our 5-strutter is its grunt, which mostly generates pull on the hook. You can sit back and enjoy the ride. The bar feel of 5m and 7m is in the medium power range to save as much energy. As usual for this category, the high-performance kite has good hangtime and upwind properties. What sets the BOOST apart is its strong sweep that makes turning and relaunching playful. The area of use is correspondingly large, freeriding, jumping, light wind foiling, and pulling your first kite loops are a pleasure.

Size choice:

You can choose the BOOST one size smaller than usual. Its increased lift has a positive effect on jumping performance and improves the low-end. The quick turning of the kite helps to generate additional power during active flight movements without stalling the power. Light kiters will have fun with BOOST 5 & 7, especially in the medium wind range, at 20-25 knots.

Wind range:

Based on a rider who can run upwind and weighs 80kg.

BOOST 7 23 – 29 kts

BOOST 5 25 – 33 kts

This range can be maxed out up and down, depending on personal ability, water and wind conditions, and board choice.

*Caution, this information serves as a guideline! You must decide for yourself what situation you are in.

Comparison with STOKE 7 and 5:

The BOOST flies further to the edge of the wind window and has better performance, better relaunch, and more hangtime. You must push the control bar about two-thirds of the depower throw away from you to get the full depower effect. Turning the BOOST is slightly slower, the power is constantly transmitted. The BOOST always wants to fly forward, be held in one position, and be driven fast.

The STOKE depowers progressively to take power out of the kite in the first third of the depower travel. This property is particularly needed in waves. Due to its lower aspect ratio and sweep, the STOKE is easier to control and steer with one hand. It sits deeper in the wind window and pivots if you steer hard. The 3-Struter STOKE wants to be moved and is better suited for riding waves.


The BOOST is a classic freerider. It is forgiving, gives you security, and lets you playfully learn new tricks. Hook in and feel good.

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