Life in the Chiemgau is quiet and influenced by tradition. One would think a young person in his mid-twenties prefers the big city as the center of their lives. Dani was born in Marquartstein and is homebound. He likes to spend time in his bubble and describes himself as an open-minded guy who likes to connect with others in the city. But what inspires him most is the nature in which he grew up, the forests, mountains, and lakes of Bavaria. The creative head finally uses his talent for presentation and his far-sightedness to become a creative director at the local company skywalk paragliders. We talked about the aspiration to create a brand and look at our first joint project.
Chris H.: Hello Dani, when you are not in front of your laptop, I mostly see you skating, trail running on your social channels, or skiing in the snow park. Those who follow your account know that you are particularly creative in your free time. Where do you get your inspiration?
Dani G.: Hello Chris, sport with my friends is important to me. The bubble I live in gives me the security to develop. Still, sometimes I must break out of this world. Then it draws me to the city, where I can connect with different people. Often it results in projects with a wide variety of people. The nature that surrounds my home still inspires me the most.
Chris H.: Compared to you, I grew up in a big city, but I also lived in the countryside for a few years. I honestly prefer places that slow me down to avoid crowds when I want to be creative.
Dani G.: It’s the same for me. I can get quickly annoyed by the hustle and bustle. Then I like to withdraw and escape from reality. During this time, I like painting, but also visualize or fine-tune the editing of my productions.
Chris H.: I saw some of your paintings just recently. How often do you come to this form of expression?
Dani G.: For me, painting is the most intimate form of art. It would also be the only creative work I would do professionally. I don’t want to be a photographer you book daily, who rushes from project to project as a service provider week after week. In short, I never want to get into this workflow. There is a fine line between may and can. As a creative person, I want to have to for my good.
Chris H.: Doesn’t that conflict with your job? You’ve already shot several product photos and implemented video projects?!

Dani G.: I am an ambivalent person. I am creative both personally and professionally. But I live it differently. The structured approach according to plan within the communication guidelines of our brand can be just as satisfying as the unusual artwork I create in my free time.

Chris H.: That may not make sense to many, but I understand you too well. If you can design the brand and implement it with your colleagues, then that enriches you anew every day. Let’s briefly talk about your new job as Creative Director.

Dani G.: I’ve been working in several positions at skywalk paragliders for a few years. I am currently the interface between marketing and sales. As Creative Director, I design the look and feel of the brand. The position never existed in this form, and I am grateful to Arne Wehrlin, Gerhard Holzner, Annika Hennes and Rolf Rinklin for their openness. Because the output that the customer sees comes from my world of ideas. Of course, with the limited time we have, this is only possible if you work in a structured team that trusts you and everyone pulls in the same direction. The bottom line is that no one tells me how to design skywalk paragliders. I have a cool intersection of topics at my desk.

Chris H.: It always feels good when someone’s heard and gets the chance to realize himself by creating something. Our area of responsibility is the same, although my tasks go deeper into product management than yours. I’m happy for you going into this role. Let’s talk about our project because you contributed motifs from Italy for our RADICAL changes campaign. They can be found on the size 128×39 and document the emptiness in a place normally overrun by tourists. How did the trip to Caorle come about?

Dani G.: It was a spontaneous short trip with my girlfriend. As mentioned before, I like to escape the hustle and bustle. You can be at the sea in just three hours from the Achental. My sanctuary is because the ocean creates a balance between the contrasting mountains. Just lying on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and staring into the emptiness.

Chris H.: For me as a water sports enthusiast, the feeling is exactly the opposite, namely the water and the noise, awakening motivation and anticipation in me. On the other hand, I feel rather small and withdrawn in the mountains, listening to nature and looking into the distance. Almost in awe.
Dani G.: Think what you are not used to, frees you. I’m down to earth and even slightly scared when I lose my ground. When I swim in the sea, I feel uneasy. I think you feel the same way when you climb a wall.
Chris H.: Absolutely, I can even panic. On the other hand, when I’m floating in the ocean, I’m most comfortable. You said earlier that you listened to the sound of the waves. How does that work in a place like Caorle overflowing with crowds?
Dani G.: „I don’t know the place and that was our first visit. I know from stories that people pile up on the beach in summer. We also thought it should be busier, it was almost scary empty.“
Chris H.: Abandoned places seem oppressive and unnatural to me. On the other hand, when I look at the hotel wall, the empty loungers, and the stranded boat, the motifs have a calming effect.
Dani G.: People make places what they are. Sometimes they are prettier without people. I like to liven up places with people I can choose. Maybe it’s my girlfriend and the relaxed walk during the sunset that gave these pictures a different flair.
Chris H.: I think we leave it to the riders to decide how the board works. In any case, I would like to thank you on behalf of FLYSURFER for being part of this project. Any last famous words?

Dani G.: Be nice to each other! 😉

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