Our RADICAL product line not only shows the past two years through the eyes of our artists in an expressionist manner. It should also inspire its rider to break out of their patterns. It playfully strengthens your abilities and gives your riding new confidence. We could describe the feeling in one word: control. But let me go into detail:

At first contact, after a short planing phase, you immediately feel the edge gripping. The board accelerates and pulls itself upwind without much effort. Position yourself briefly, an impulse over the back foot, and the board converts the charged energy into pop. There is no slipping nor twitching, maximum control right up to the jump. You regain control immediately after touching the surface. The double concave even splits the water into quick or messy landings. In addition, the cushioning of the SQUAD bindings softens the impact and is gentle on your body. If you enjoy free riding or carving more than jumping, you’ll notice the low level of water spray. The asymmetrical outline with a rounded toe side edge allows you to pull particularly tight turns.

144×46 cm – This twin tip is popular with people over 85 kg and 185 cm tall. Of course, it’s a good choice for lighter riders to get going early in light winds.

138×42.5 cm – My personal favorite in all conditions. Very balanced board with lots of guidance, good planing abilities, and enough tip width for loaded jumps. Body measurements: 78 kg and 180 cm.

133×40 cm – The best all-rounder in the RADICAL line-up, the most playful size for freeriders who also want to cut through small waves. Perfect for people over 55 kg, regardless of their height.

128×39 cm – The smallest RADICAL offers a very flat rocker curve with the hardest flex in comparison. You can ride with full power on a bigger kite which makes it the secret weapon for airstylers. The great gliding abilities also have the potential to get small riders onto the board as early as possible. A good choice for parents who want to share their board with their kids.

Freeride setup:

Our standard setting is the best compromise between comfort and control. Choose a shoulder-wide stance and neutral pads position. If you are a light rider, then you can move the SQUAD bindings further to the heel side edge. Small riders should consider the narrow stance option, this will improve the turning of the board.

High wind setup:

We recommend moving the SQUAD bindings further to the heel side edge. Your stance should be shoulder-width wide or wider. Edging and slowing down when the gusts hit you is effortless.

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