The wait is finally over – we introduce you to the all-new FLYFISHER collection. In full transparency, this collection has been a challenge to keep under wraps for so long. Why? Because we truly feel our new fashion features more angler-driven innovations than any other of our products! Over the next couple of days, we are going to dig deep into the entire FLYFISHER assortment, but for the time being, we’re going to focus on a new passion we have discovered in South Africa this year as well as two killer pieces of outerwear that have earned the FLYFISHER badge.

With our team having just landed in Cape Town intending to do a product shoot, not being allowed to use the beach posed a bit of a problem… South Africa’s Level 3 lockdown and the beach closure that came along with it had some unusual stipulations. Creativity became the name of the game.

It was a flawless plan. It had to be, or we would have ended up crammed into the back of a police truck, playing rock paper scissors to decide who would be the one to call our Team Manager Ines to break the bad news.

The fishermen were the new kings of the beach. 

Read the full FLYFISHER story – to live free and fish free.

Photo Credits: Miriam Joanna

Photo Credits: Adam Sims / Aalvaa Media

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