FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij, takes us with him for a small how-to tutorial clip on transitions, text instructions below!

  1. Backroll handdrag: Come into the trick with proper speed and your kite high. Kick up your board while gaining some lift out of the kite and put your front hand in the water. Keep sending the kite to the other side slowly, and keep the power in the kite by sheeting in. It might take you a few tries to get the right combination of speed and power in the kite so you will get the right height. Experiment with sheeting the bar in and out!
  2. Carve + Backroll: Speed is key for this trick! Go into the carve full speed and send your kite to the other side as hard as possible while maintaining your edge. When your kite is on the other side, its time for the backroll. Try to keep line tension throughout the carve and make the same pop-movement like a normal backroll.
  3. Wrap around: Jump like a normal transition and grab the lower fin on the heelside edge on the nose of the board. Kick up your leg and circle around the board, once you reach your arm, let go and quickly finish the rotation with your leg. Then grab the board again. Try to keep your board in the same position while letting go of your hand. Keep up the board with your foot that is still in the straps.
  4. Backroll HP: Unhook with the kite high, send it to the other side and get launched. Rotate from the take-off and pass. Sounds easy, it is not ;)
  5. Backroll over water: Sheet out and send the kite over 12 o’clock. Keep edging throughout the whole rotation and 180* your board when you finished the rotation. Sheet in again to gain speed and ride away.
  6. Off-axis: Basically two backrolls with the last one inverted. Take off with your kite at 12 so you jump up straight instead of forward. Start the first backroll from the take-off. When you finished the first rotation you have to force yourself into the second, inverted one by flipping your upper body. Don’t forget what side of the bar to pull to make it a transistion and start pulling a little bit once you started the second rotation, this will make sure you will gain some speed on the landing instead of falling out of the sky.
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