Today we want to share part of our recent interview with Kite4Fun with you. We hope you enjoy it!

Who or what is behind Kite4Fun?:
„We are a family kite school under the leadership of Lukash Vogeltanz – a international team rider for FLYSURFER Kiteboarding, a professional kiter with worldwide success, and most importantly, someone who has many years of experience as a teacher and a passion for helping new kiters get into the sport. We have been teaching for nearly 10 years now and are a FLYSURFER sales partner, so we offer not only professional instruction but also advice on FLYSURFER products based on our daily experiences.”

Where is your school located and what disciplines do you teach?:
„For most of the year you can find us in Egypt, where we can teach under perfect conditions: flat, crystal-clear water , steady wind, and sunshine from March through November. We also have our Kite Center there which serves as an official FLYSURFER TEST POINT. During the winter months we mostly travel to the Czech Republic, Norway, and Switzerland for teaching snowkiting. For anyone who would prefer to learn kitesurfing on the water – even in the winter – we offer training in Zanzibar from December through February, and also from mid-June through the beginning of September. For us quality is of top importance, so we train with a 2:1 ratio, meaning a maximum of 2 students for every 1 teacher. We also use radio support, and every student gets their own material just for them as soon as they have progressed far enough to control the kite alone. In 2009, we started teaching kite sports. All of our teachers are either IKO or VDWS licensed.”

Which FLYSURFER products do you use for your classes?:
„Most of the time we use the BOOST2 in all sizes – from 5 to 18m2 – as a training kite, but we also use the SPEED5 in all sizes since the wind in Egypt can fluctuate from being very strong to very weakFor beginners we use the VIRON2 which is an unbelievable training kite that is perfect for beginners without any prior experience. It is safe and easy to use, but also has the necessary power and characteristics for our lessons. As for boards, we use the FLYDOOR XL and L, and the RADICAL5 in all sizes (144, 138, 134, 132, 127). For snowkiting or landboarding we stand by the PEAK3 and the VIRON2. The single-skin PEAK kite is super user-friendly and is great for someone’s first kite experience.”

We are super happy to hear that you are so pleased with our products and that you use them so much.
What exactly attracts you to FLYSURFER products?:
„For us quality always comes first. We want to offer only the best products for our students and customers – products which are easy and practical to use – and FLYSURFER products meet these requirements perfectly! We offer our customers only high-performance products. For students, it is easiest to learn a new sport while using really good products. We have the perfect kites for you to maximize your progress, whether that product is a training kite, a small kite for strong winds, or a larger kite for weak winds. ”

Why should students come to your school for instruction?:
„All of our instructors are true professionals – not simply as riders, but also as teachers. Our teaching methods are focused on the individual abilities, needs, and goals of each student. That all factors into the spirit of our “kite family” at our Kite Station. Basically you are not paying for the individual hours spent on the water, rather for the skills that you gain. “

Do you have any advice that you would like to give to the kiters out there?:
„Do what makes you happy. Kiteboarding, or whatever you strive to do, should bring you this happiness. ☺ At our school we can help teach you this wonderful sport .“

Thanks, Kite4Fun, for giving us this interview!

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