We recently had a great interview with Peter Goldbach from the water sports center Boardway.org, where we asked who they are and what they do, why they train primarily with FLYSURFER products, and why students should come to them to train.

Who or what is behind Boardway.org?:
“We have been an active FLYSURFER Dealer since 2002, and have been instructing on FLYSURFER products since 2004. We have experienced a lot during this time and have been able to gain some insights into the Skywalk world. In 2014 we became the first kite school in Germany able to train IKO Kiteboarding Instructors. ”

Where is your school and what is the instruction like?:
“Our school is located in Loissin on the beautiful Baltic Sea, and we offer instruction from May to September. There we have a perfect stretch of shallow water with a small beach. We have an uncompromised focus on quality, and train on the water using radio assistance with a maximum of two students per teacher. Licenses can also be acquired from us, as we are both an IKO and KSA school. ”

Which FLYSURFER products do your students use while training?:
“Our most important training kites are the Boost and the Viron in all sizes. We use the Speed4 Lotus in sizes 15 through 21 in light wind conditions. As for boards, we always use the Radical.”

It’s great to hear that you put so many of our products to use. What made you choose to go with FLYSURFER products?:
“The Viron is an amazing training kite and it makes it possible for us to put a kite into the hands of every student right from the beginning. The Boost is great to get up out of the water even in light wind, and stays reliably in the air. If there is stronger wind we can get lighter people out on the water on a board with a Viron. Also, we developed the Vario Line Upgrade so we can train our students more effectively. ”

Why should students come to you in Loissin for a course?
“I believe our teaching style speaks for itself: two students per teacher, radio-aided training, years of experience, and a billing policy which even allows students to be reimbursed for unsuccessful training hours. We have been getting such positive feedback lately that it makes the work we do even more fun. What is so special? I think we are simply putting our hearts into trying to instruct our students on how to kite. ”

Do you have other special benefits in comparison to other schools?:
“In addition to our kite school, we are also active as a service and repair center for FLYSURFER. This means that even if something ever gets broken or needs to be trimmed, we are happy to be your contact person. ”


Thank you so much for the interview!

Kite School at Loissin (May – September)                             Boardway Lab (Workshop)
Loissin Campsite                                                                             Located in Katzow (open year-round)
Am Strandweg 1                                                                              Dorfstraße 45
17509 Loissin                                                                                  17509 Katzow
Tel. 0049 38352 662599                                                                 Tel. 0049 38373 169884


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