The expected Add-On kit “Super Charger” for the SONIC-FR, as well as SONIC2 will not be released on the market. FLYSURFER Kiteboarding has consciously decided against this additional extra pulley and line in the mixer for safety reasons. The so called “Super Charger” can sometimes bring a very slight advantage for deep downwind courses for professional racers.

Our durability tests, especially on highest performing levels, as well as in everyday life, have shown disadvantages for this Add On. Especially for our customers who want to enjoy kiting in their free time, this is not an option. In countless direct pro-level comparisons from our race team riders in the last months, the “Super Charger” did not provide any performance advantage. Because of these findings, this Add-On will not become a serial product at the moment, but will continue to be a part of our R & D experience.

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding wishes all SONIC fans, unique moments with the most radical kite product in our line-up.

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