You do not live by the sea and you do not have a suitable lake with a large beach or field for setting-up, starting & landing nearby?

This is no reason not to go kiting!

Tube kites or L.E.I’s, such as our BOOST2, can be launched relatively easy in deep water – but this is also possible with our closed-cell foilkites. It takes a bit more preparation, but our popular FLYSURFER models SONIC2 or SPEED5 (and many more) can be deep water launched or drift launched, if the situation demands it and in return you will definitely be rewarded with a nice kite session.

Bernd from has written a detailed tutorial guide (in German) but also documented the process with a video. Which is easy to understand even if you cannot read German. Thank you dear Bernd, thumbs up!


… nearly everywhere is everyday a kiteday ;-)


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