Awesome succes for team FLYSURFER during the famous Red Bull long distance race “Battle of the Sund” in Malmö, Sweden last weekend. This long distance kitesurf race goes from Malmö to Copenhagen, Denmark and vice versa. In both the men’s and women’s TT-class our FLYSURFER riders could reach the top on the podium, once again our SONIC-FR kites proved their great performance.

The start of the race was held in gusty offshore condition at Ribbersborgs beach in Malmö. Almost 300 riders where ready to race, but because of the difficult wind at the start not every kiter could make it out to the starting line. In the Open class the Danish riders where showing good speeds on their hydrofoils and the victory went to James Johnsen and in second place Oliver Hansen. The women’s Open class was won by Katja Roose from the Netherlands also on her hydrofoil. The man with the most bad luck this day was certainly German FLYSURFER rider Peter Müller, in leading position minutes in front at the crossing point in Denmark, Peter kited too close to the Danish island Flakfortet, causing his kite to fall into the water because of the wind shadow, after packing-up, swimming in and re-launching his kite (after 20 minutes), he could still finish in 7th place in the Open class.

In the TwinTip class it was a hard battle between the two Swedish FLYSURFER riders Atte Kappel and Andreas Gustafsson from Sweden, both riders where using their SONIC-FR and SONIC2 prototype kites and the 1st place finally went to the defending champion of the Battle of the Sund, Atte Kappel. In the women’s category only one women managed to finish in the decreasing wind, Hannah Eriksson from Sweden also using a SONIC-FR. About 30 riders could eventually finished the race in the difficult and challenging conditions.

Want to re-life the Red Bull – Battle of the Sund race?, then visit the tractrac website for a complete race overview.

All photos copyright by: Red Bull Sweden


Red Bull Battle of the Sund 2016 Open class Female:

1. Katja Roose – NL – 1:46:20


Red Bull Battle of the Sund 2016 Open class Men:

1. James Johnsen – DK – 1:05:10
2. Oliver Skov Hansen – DK
3. Jan Blæsild – DK


Red Bull Battle of the Sund 2016 Twintip class Men:

1. Hannah Eriksson – SE – 3:48:52 – FLYSURFER


Red Bull Battle of the Sund 2016 Twintip class Men:

1. Atte Kappel – SE – 1:58:39 – FLYSURFER
2. Andreas Gustafsson – SE – 1:59:30 – FLYSURFER
3. Jo Borchsenius – NO – 2:04:10


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