After a six-year break the Eurocup took place in Texel, the Netherlands, on the 2nd & 3rd of July. The Eurocup racing series was launched in 2006 by the French, Dutch, and the German kite kitebuggy associations. It was invented to serve as a stage for kiters of all levels and ages, were fairness and fun are of prime importance.

42 participants were divided into two groups at the Saturday morning briefing. These two groups rode four qualifying rounds each, which resulted in two new groups – the Silver- and the Gold-Fleet. Pure sunshine and wind speed of 18-20 knots created perfect kite racing conditions for our 9.0 SONIC-FR, especially on the up- and downwind biased course with eleven markers.  Since the sand was mostly soft and the course very bumpy, it was of major importance to choose the right course as well as the flat BigFoot wheels, which have a bigger contact area. These were two key components of our success.
Flysurfer teamrider Pascal Lohmann prevailed in group A with four wins. Group B was led by Mark van den Berg.
After the wind weakened a bit on Sunday the races were finished and the riders of the Silver- and Gold-Feets were finally known. Bram Mourits, racing with the SONIC-FR as well, made his way into the finals by getting the 8th place as a junior. Subsequent two heats of the Silver-Fleets took place and thereby the winner received the last open slot to be added to the big final.

Around 2 pm, during the Gold-final, the wind slightly intensified up to 15 knots, resulting in perfect conditions for our SONIC-FR 11.0. After getting off to a good start Pascal led the race 2/3rd of the duration of the race. Marc van den Berg was able to gradually work his way forward with his Chrono, until he finally made it and succeeded in his passing maneuver.
Sadly Marc wasn’t able to finish the 2nd race because he got stuck at the first mark. Therefor an exciting fight for the title unfortunately did not take place. Pascal made his way passed Vincent Leib and won the 2nd race with a secure distance. Junior Bram Mourits was able to keep up with the Master rider and ultimately got the 5th place and became 1st junior.

2016 Eurocup Kitebuggy Texel Results Masters:

  1. Pascal Lohmann (FLYSURFER)
  2. Vincent Leib
  3. Arjen van der Toll

2016 Eurocup Kitebuggy Texel Results Juniors:

  1. Bram Mourits (FLYSURFER)
  2. Jasha Franke
  3. Lucas Specht


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