A mythical snowkite race it will always be, for over 100 kilometers long, 350 kiters from over 30 countries gathered on the icy mountain plains of Hardangervidda in Norway, to compete in the world´s biggest and toughest one-day snowkite competition, the Red Bull Ragnarok.

Florian Gruber was able to win the 2016 edition of the Red Bull Ragnarok race in the ski category on a SONIC-FR kite, even though the light wind conditions made it hard for some riders to stay up to speed, Florian managed to pull of an impressive victory and staying minutes to hours ahead of many others, winning the legendary Ragnarok race (100km course) in only 3 hours and 55 minutes. With five FLYSURFER riders in the top 10 in Men’s ski division, our team once again showed that our domain is light wind racing, whether on land, water or snow ????

 Florian: “It was a hard race with challenging conditions. I am super happy that I made it through the big wind holes and had a really good fight with local Bjørn Kaupang for first place”

Further compliments go out to Davide Bizzotto for finishing 4th in Men’s snowboard, Michael Kaspar for finishing 5th in Men’s ski and to Martina Brinz for finishing 4th in Women’s ski. Huge congrats from our side!

Results Red Bull Ragnarok 2016 Men’s Ski

  1. Florian Gruber – FLYSURFER
  2. Bjørn Kaupang
  3. Felix Kersten
  4. Jonas Lengwiler
  5. Michael Kaspar – FLYSURFER

Results Red Bull Ragnarok 2016 Men’s Snowboard

  1. Peter Martel
  2. Reinhold Gehrer – FLYSURFER
  3. Josh Barker
  4. Davide Bizzotto – FLYSURFER

Copyright photos:

Red Bull – Håkon Mæland, Mats Grimsæth, Daniel Tengs

Marlies Dekker Fotografie

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