Flysurfer News

    Lukash wins Open Airstyle Hangout 2014 – Egypt, Ras Sudr

    29.09.2014: Egypt, Ras Sudr, this old school & air style competition was organized by the icon of Airstyle, mr. Toby Braeuer in association with Flycom in the kite center, The Kitesurfing Village in...

    The final KLB chapter

    29.09.2014: The final chapter gives you a impression of Dutch FLYSURFER teamrider Bas Meerwijk regular sessions, on two of his kitelandboarding home-spots, Bas loves to ride these little secret spots with the Flysurfer...

    Flyboards RAZOR – How to: The Roll-Tack

    25.09.2014: Small how to video with the FLYBOARDS Razor freeride directional learning you how to perform a roll-tack properly. Shot & Edited by Polish FLYSURFER teamrider Arkadiusz Kusalewicz For more information on the Flyboards Razor...