FlySplit - it's time to travel
FlySplit - it's time to travel


Freeride, Touring

Whether in the car or on a plane, the FLYSPLIT is your compact companion on any kite-trip. The innovative zig-zag split connection provides a durable and rigid kiteboard construction and is quick and easy to assemble. With two different sizes, you’re well equipped for all wind conditions. Always take it with you!

SKILLSIntermediate +
SIZES134x40 / 160x44




„The FlySplit is the perfect combination of performance, handling, durability and space. Within seconds you can staff this board into any suitcase.“

Sebastian Bubmann, Founder BPAM


wood-foam core


All FlySplits have a hybrid core, aimed at achieving a maximum harmony of board weight, performance and durability. A foam core comes into use on the toe side in the longitudinal direction, providing a significant reduction in weight. On the side with more load, the heel side, a robust wood core is used, guaranteeing breaking stability and the dynamic recovery force of the board.

torsion fibre layers


The innovative assembly of a unidirectional woven layer lengthwise and an additional woven layer (torsion layer) at a 45-degree-angle achieves considerably higher torsion stiffness, which is reflected in increased jumping performance while remaining good comfort.

space saving


No more checking in sports luggage and paying extra fees when you travel. The FlySplit M fits in your normal travel bag (common bag size: 75x52x31cm). For the FlySplit „L“ please compare the pack size of the board with the internal dimensions of your suit case prior to your flight.



The Split-System makes the FlySplits to the first separable kiteboards that do not compromise in performance or quality. From the car onto the water within seconds.

easy to assemble


It only takes a few seconds to easily and quickly assemble a FlySplit. Through the zigzag construction both board parts join and are fixed by two metal splints. From the car onto the water in only a in a twinkling .

tucked under edge rails


The „Tucked-Under“ Edge has been cut off at a 45 degree-angle, as surfboards have been manufactured traditionally. This makes the board very controllable, even in choppy conditions and reduces spray.



With their low weight of 2.65kg and 3.25kg for the FlySplit M and FlySplit L respectively, the FlySplits belong to the lightest kiteboards on the market. No extra luggage and better riding characteristics guaranteed.

scratchproof topsheet


All of our boards have a special high-quality UV and scratch-resistant coating, and thus offer a long product life. The graphic design is protected under the coating, so that it does not get damaged if the board is slightly scratched.

ergonomic toeside


The asymmetrical rounder and shorter toe-side outline increases control when riding toe-side and provides increased maneuverability while carving.

FlySplit … it’s time to travel!

Innovation has always been one of Flysurfer’s highest aspirations when it comes to product development. This self-set aim motivates the development team every day to create new ideas. One of these truly innovative products is the new boardline, FlySplit. The all new FlySplit combines the opportunity to dissemble the board in the middle with the performance of a normal kiteboard. This is the crucial feature that wins extra space when traveling, whilst maintaining that the kiteboard performs just as well as a Radical or Flydoor. Thanks to our manufacturing in Europe we can guarantee that the FlySplits are produced with the best resources. By using only the best material, we achieve riding characteristics which combine both comfort and high performance. The splitting construction is impressively simple. The zigzag construction joins easily together and needs only to be fixed with a metal splint on both sides. In the centre and the edges of the board we use a full-wood-core to ensure great durability and dynamic performance. For the less stressed areas like the tips we use a light-foam-construction to save unnecessary weight. Due to this construction the FlySplits offers great performance but also a great deal of comfort in choppy and gusty conditions.

The FlySplit M in size 134cm x 41cm is made for those riders who love the high performance of the Radical. With the FlySplit M you do not have to miss out on neither an extreme pop for hooked or unhooked jumps nor fantastic up-wind performance. The FlySplit L is available in 160cm x 44cm. Heavier riders and kiters who do not want to miss out in light winds will love this board. The FlySplit L has a centre fin on the heel-side to increase the maximum up-wind performance.

Total package consists of:

1x FlySplit Twintip Kiteboard
2x Footpads
2x Footstraps ( (incl. screws)
4x 5cm G10 Fins (incl. screws)
1x 8cm G10 Center-Fin (incl. screws) only L
1x Grab-Handle (incl. screws)
1x FlySplit Gear Guide

Length (cm)134160
Width (cm)4144
Weight (kg)2.653.25
Stance width (cm)50.4 - 56.2 - 61.250.4 - 56.2 - 61.2
Core MaterialWood-Foam CoreWood-Foam Core
Fins4x 5cm G104x 5cm G10 + 1x 8cm Center-Fin
Packing size (cm)73 x 41 x 286 x 44 x 2.6
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Made in EU

Since we manufacture our boards within Europe we can guarantee the highest precision and quality, and ensure that only the best materials are used in their construction.

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