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The CONNECT Control Bar is tidy, lightweight and safe. Configured to use our B-Safe security system, it features 7 + 14m flying lines with a high split Y. The lightweight bar stick is equipped with soft bar ends and offers great comfort, smooth steering whilst depowering, as well as maximum safety during your session.
TECHNOLOGY5th line Control Bar (incl. Quick Release & Flying Lines)
SKILLSBeginner - Expert
SIZES50 cm width







"The CONNECT control bar is one of the cleanest and easiest to adjust bars on the market with incredible ride comfort."

Maximilian Kühnhauser, FLYSURFER R&D


DLX+ Material

SIMPLE Quick Release

The compact and reliable SIMPLE Quick Release is the heart of the Control Bar. It complies with the French standard (AFNOR) in terms of safety and release forces. A molded chicken loop and chicken stick as well as the ergonomic handle enable the kite to be released quickly and easily in an emergency.
Clam-Cleat Adjuster

Light Bar Stick

The Light Bar Stick is available in 50cm (M) and weighs in at just 0.34kg. The ergonomic EVA grip is abrasion resistant and extremely comfortable in the hand offering a secure grip even in cold or wet conditions. The bar is also colour coded orange on the left hand side and petrol on the right.
Triple Depower

Exchangeable One-Hole Eyelet

The One Hole eyelet offers frictionless steering whilst depowering and works perfectly for freeriders to kite schools. This is achieved using a replaceable insert in the eyelet.
Verstärkte Konstruktion

Clam-Cleat Adjuster

The Clam-Cleat Adjuster allows for precise depower adjustment of the flying lines whilst being quick and easy to use. The Clam-Cleat adjuster can also be moved easily to modify the bar throw based on personal preference. For example it can be brought closer for someone with shorter arms.
LIROS Dynemma Leinen

B-Safe System ready

The CONNECT Control Bar has been specially configured for products using the B-Safe system. After activating the quick release, the bar slides up the 5th line and the kite is reefed horizontally in the middle. This removes the pressure in the kite and allows it to come down powerless through the wind window. We recommend this safety system for the PEAK4 product line.
Rigid Foil Technologie

Tuning Options

The flying lines can be adjusted easily under the bar floaters. A series of knots allow you to counteract the shortening of the steering lines over time which can cause backstall. To shorten the flying lines of the CONNECT control bar to 14m, the 7m extension pieces can be removed by pulling them over the leader lines, the safety will still work as normal.

CONNECT Control Bar

The CONNECT Bar is specially designed with a high Y split on the front lines and a 5th line for the B-Safe system. The lightweight bar stick has a conical shape which sits comfortably in the hand. The EVA grip is colour coded, orange for left and petrol for right. The soft bar ends reduce risk of injury and allow for easy line adjustment. The clam cleat helps riders to maximize comfort and safety by adjusting the power precisely.

The CONNECT Bar is equipped with our SIMPLE Quick Release chickenloop. Maintenance is simple and easy. The One Hole eyelet in the centre of the bar features a replaceable insert.

Weighing in at just 0.84 kg complete, the CONNECT bar goes perfectly with the PEAK4 and is a must have for your next adventure.

CONNECT Control Bar - Scope of Delivery
Scope of delivery:

Barstick with CC depower system
SIMPLE Quick Release
7+14m Flying Line Set (incl. 5th line)
Connect Bar Bag
Safety Leash
Control Bar Safety Guide

Is the CONNECT Bar working with other Flysurfer products?

No, the CONNECT Bar is specifically designed to only be used with the PEAK4 and VIRON3 product lines so far.

Is the CONNECT Bar also available as 4-line a setup?

No, the CONNECT Bar will only be available as a 5-line setup.

Is FLYSURFER working on new products which are supported by the CONNECT Bar?

Not at the moment, the CONNECT Bar is specifically designed to be used with the PEAK and VIRON product lines.

Does the B-Safe System replace the Reef-Line Safety System?

Yes all our 5-line supported safety systems will be called B-Safe in the future. We want you, to be safe out there.

Will there be a 5-line setup upgrade kit for the INFINITY Control Bar?

No, there will be no upgrade kit for the INFINITY Control Bar.

Can I use the B-Safe System with my INFINITY Bar?

No, you can not use the B-Safe System and we do not recommend a work around, for safety reasons.

Is it possible to attach the CONNECT Bar to PEAK3 or SOUL kite?

No you can not use the bar. Technically, the B-Safe system does not work with the product lines PEAK1/2/3, SONIC, SPEED, VIRON1/2 and SOUL.
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