The first harbingers of winter have already arrived in the northern hemisphere. Short days and inclement weather. The fair weather kitesurfer does not connect much with the dark and cold seasons. The adventurous snowkiter, on the other hand, is preparing himself for his next outdoor adventure. The fascination of climbing steep slopes even in the lowest wind speeds shifts the boundaries of possibilities and lets him dream of days filled with endless deep snow descents. Nothing inspires him more, like exploring untouched terrain.

The PEAK is the obvious choice for the most progressive mountaineers and an essential tool in the growing backcountry kite touring movement. The fourth generation of the single-skin foil kite offers maximum pull with minimum surface area, is super light weight, tight turning with highest backstall resistance, smallest pack size as well as stability in light wind. Perfect in combination with the CONNECT Control Bar, the heart of our progression / freeride line-up. It was specially developed to use our B-Safe system. The PEAK4 B-Safe system ensures maximum safety and easy relaunch. Snowkiting is an extreme sport and we are aware of the high risks in the mountains. In emergency situations, especially in high alpine terrain, the PEAK can be crashed into the slope by simply activating the Quick Release. The kite loses all its power and remains powerless on the ground, waiting to be packed down or pulled back up into the sky again.

The PEAK is the perfect overall package as a touring kite in the snow, outstanding in light wind, efficient depower, direct control and unique safety features. That’s why we decided to expand our single skin product line. Due to its impressive ability to generate traction, the PEAK in size 13 is a great addition to our freeride / progression line-up. This new size is especially beneficial to snowboarders or heavier riders allowing them to expand their playground to the maximum even on light wind days. The familiar flying feel with continuous power delivery of the PEAK 13 inspire daring outdoor athletes to jump over snowy obstacles.

The incredible light wind characteristics of the single-skin foil kite concept also inspire and convinces more and more hydrofoil enthusiasts. As a result, the PEAK is now also seen on the water. Many in the kite sport believed in a short-lived hydrofoil trend and saw this innovation only as an alternative for light wind. But in reality, it opened new spots and opportunities to kite in even broader wind conditions. The PEAK brings excellent properties for foiling to the expert kiter, but it is not water-relaunchable due to its construction!

To further optimize the CONNECT Control Bar for use in the water, we have opted for a slight revision. The new EVA floaters have the advantage that the CONNECT Control Bar now floats even better.

Experience a new dimension on snow, grass or water. Adventure awaits you …



FOCUS: Freeride, Touring, Progression
TECHNOLOGY: Single-Skin Foil Kite
SKILLS: Beginner – Expert
SIZES: 3 / 4 / 5 / 8 / 11 / now also available in 13

CONNECT Control Bar


FOCUS: Freeride, Touring, Progression
TECHNOLOGY: 5th line Control Bar
SKILLS: Beginner – Expert
SIZES: 50cm

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