Kiting is an integral part of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris, so very exciting times are coming to our sport. The relay race is a new format in kite racing and challenges us as manufacturers to develop new technologies, attract more people to the sport and promote gender equality in kitesurfing. But the common kiters opinions on the decision of the format are dividing the kite sport.

The lifestyle centric scene does think foil-racing or how they call it “sailing” does not represent kitesurfing as it should be. Here at FLYSURFER, we disagree because we see this platform as a chance for our beloved sport to finally get a structure through the sailing clubs and national federations. In the end, the beginner benefits from more professionalism in coaching and further promotion of the sport for the next generation.

For more than 4 years, we have been working hard on the success story around our SONIC Race / VMG product lines in order to form a solid base for our athletes to fulfill their dreams. The FLYSURFER R & D team works continuously with Florian Gruber, Theo de Ramecourt, Daniela Moroz and Olly Bridge on the Olympic Kite. Previous successes in Foil-Racing, Ski-Racing and Buggy-Racing in recent years gives us an extremely positive perspective:

Our team shines with 70 first places, 37 second places and 22 third places from podiums around the world!

70 first places

37 second places

22 third places

Just the last two weeks Theo de Ramecourt, Florian Gruber, Leonie Meyer and Katja Roose were victorious in foil-racing competitions.

After four days, our French team mate Theo secured victory in the most prestigious race in the San Francisco bay between the Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz. The regatta is considered to be the toughest of the whole Hydrofoil Pro Tour, because the gnarly conditions with oblique offshore winds of up to 35 knots and strong currents really challenge the athlete and its gear. Theo and Nico Parlier set a new record during the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Challenge with an average speed of 33.9 knots over 6,1 miles! Immediately after his first victory on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour, Theo continued to compete in the Indian Ocean in Mauritius for the next race. In a smaller field and in a unique environment, he underlined his current form and also decided the third stop for himself!

„2nd victory on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in a row, so stoked about it. It was so good to race in this incredible lagoon, such a unique feeling to foil in crystal clear water with this amazing landscape“

Meanwhile in Germany, Florian Gruber from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, with his unbelievable consistency, takes home the crown of the Multivan Kitesurf Masters Tour, the official German Championships, multiple times.

Our athlete and new German champion Leonie Meyer from Kiel, looks back on a successful season under the FLYSURFER banner:

„I am very pleased with my increase over the whole season. Now it’s time for the event of the year where I’m allowed to represent Germany together with Flo Gruber, at the World Beach Games. We really want to win a medal!“

The increasing number of women is extremely important for kitesurfing, because the five rings bring quite a bit of explosiveness, because in 2024 there is only one set of medals for men and women.

The format is a “mixed relay race of a special kind” describes our multiple world champion Daniela Moroz, after the test runs at the World Cup:

„The timing of the handover will be the key to success, and we’ve already seen how much will depend on us. (women) I’m curious to see how the fleet at the European Championships will increase and whether we will be for the first time with more than 40 girls at the starting line. The pressure will be on us in the next few years, because only the best get the full support and a ticket to the Olympics.“

Will Cyr from Grosse Pointe, Michigan was in a similar situation at this year’s PanAm Games in Peru. Our team-mate from the USA secured the biggest success of his kite career so far and won the bronze medal with his SONIC Race in the Formula Kite class.

Of course, the dream of an Olympic gold medal gives hope especially to the offspring. Reigning Asian Champion and FLYSURFER figurehead Maximilian Maeder from Singapore is just 12 years old and lets the competition, especially the men, guess what’s coming in the next few years. He has impressively given away another talent test with a top 5 finish in the men’s competition in Mauritius just last week. But a disadvantage could be lack of training partners and coaching. Here in Europe, especially among the national associations of the French, English, Russians, Poles and Italians, one is ahead of the other countries.

Max Maeder is a good example for all those who want to start Foil-Racing, because the expenses for the equipment and the competitions compared to the sailing sport are manageable. The gear is standardized and blocked for four years making the competitions fair, as well as exciting and leaves the newcomers a realistic chance to win. If you fly across the water at a speed of up to 40 knots at a height of 1m and want to represent your nation at a major sports event, then go and get your hands on a FLYSURFER SONIC Race!

Your FLYSURFER team,
Chris Hesina

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