At the end of October the last and final IKA Kiteboarding World Championship tour stop took place on the Italian Island „Sardinia“. It´s the most important event of the year since the world champions in freestyle and big-air are awarded here!

The location Porto Pollo has been popular under water sports enthusiasts ever since the seventies. The road from Bonifacio between Corsica and Sardinia is a perfect nozzle which provides very good wind statistics. The spot itself consists of two shallow water bays which are separated by a small headland, the wind can be very strong and gusty because of the mountains surrounding the bay. Nonetheless the weather forecast promised good winds for all competitions.

The men had some surprises in their freestyle competition. The favorites Corniel and Martinez dropped out quite early in the race. In the final Tom Bridge made his way to the top, right before Coccoluto the new Italian national champion. However Posito Martinez won the overall freestyle competition and is the freestyle World Champion 2016!

The women freestyle was dominated by Rosa from Brazil. FLYSURFER teamrider Bibiana Magaji was in good shape as well and did a great job. By winning the first heat Magaji made her way straight to the semifinals where she successfully competed against the local favorite Tomasoni. In the final Rose decided the heat to her advantage and is now 2016 women freestyle World Champion, by showing technically challenging tricks in difficult wind conditions. Big Air world champion Magaji therefore achieved a shining second place.

Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam Freestyle Men:
1. Tom Bridge (GBR)
2. Gianmaria Coccoluto (ITA)
3. Ariel Corniel (DOM)

Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam Freestyle Women:
1. Estefania Rosa (BRA)
2. Bibiana Magaji (SVK, FLYSURFER)
3. Sofia Tomasoni (ITA)

Stronger winds with gust up to 30 knots made the big air heats even more spectacular. The mens final was really close. All three top riders still had the chance to win the gold medal. They inspired the audience with risky moves, board offs and handle passes combined with kite loops in audacious heights. Martinez won the finals and is now the new big air World Champion.

The female FLYSURFER rider Magaji again proved her skills and showed what she can. She convinced the audience and jury members with tricks that not many women are able to perform. She won all her heats with confidence and with a large score differences and did not only win this event, she won all big air tourstops of the IKA 2016 World Championshipes and can now proudly say „I am the big air World Champion 2016”. Congratulations!

Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam Big Air Men:
1. Posito Martinez (DOM)
2. Marius Hoppe (GER)
3. Lewis Crathern (GBR)

Sardinia Kiteboard Grand Slam Big Air Women:
1. Bibiana Magaji (SVK, FLYSURFER)
2. Estefania Rosa (BRA)
3. Franziska Otth (SUI)

All Photos: Alexandru Baranescu

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