Welcome to the birth of a new class of kites, the compact kite. The vision of lightness, safety, intuitive steering, ease of turning, and control: smallest pack size, lightest weight for the ultimate drift, a product made by foilers for foilers, and a must-have for the entire family. Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too, until we held our latest development in our hands, the HYBRID. 
We want to give you a few tips for using the compact kite and address the most frequently asked topics:
Der Kite für die ganze Familie
Which control bar can I use with the HYBRID? 
The kite has a single front line safety system and can only be used with 4-line control bars. We recommend the FORCE Control and CONNECT Control Bars for use with the HYBRID. The INFINITY XX and RACE Control Bar are also compatible. When using other products, the minimum recommended release distance is 11 m. The HYBRID functions without any restrictions with all control bars that have a low or high V.

HYBRID x FORCE Control Bar

The length-adjustable depower throw, the low V, and the impact-protection winders (bar ends) of the FORCE Control Bar are perfect for training and riding waves. Steer frictionless and control the HYBRID kite particularly easy with this control bar. The FORCE Control Bar is also the first choice for our L.E.I. Kites and makes for an easy transition to BOOST, STOKE, or SOUL.


The CONNECT Control Bar has 45 cm of depower throw, a high V. Shorten the flying lines from 21 m down to 14 m. The compact SIMPLE Quick Release gets the control bar closer to your body and keeps it within reach for people of short stature. Suitable for customers who want to switch from PEAK to HYBRID or prefer the low-budget lightweight option.


We recommend SOUL and SONIC customers who prefer to ride on hydrofoils, the HYBRID as a supplement in strong winds. Riding in big swells or wind waves has never been so easy. Compared to the high-aspect close-cell foil kites, the HYBRID requires little attention, is reactive, and has power on demand. The INFINITY XX Control Bar is fully compatible with the HYBRID.
HYBRID x RACE Control Bar
Particularly suitable for riders who love short flying lines! We recommend the RACE Control Bar for experienced foilers who prefer a longer depower throw for complex maneuvers. The 55 cm wide control bar should only be used in combination with the HYBRID sizes 11.5 or 9.5.
ProductControl Bar SystemFlying Line Length
HYBRID 11.5, 9.5FORCE Control Bar [M] [L]
INFINITY XX Control Bar [M] [L]
RACE Control Bar
CONNECT Control Bar
23 m - 17 m
HYBRID 7.5, 5.5FORCE Control Bar [M]
RACE Control Bar
CONNECT Control Bar
21 m - 14 m
HYBRID 3.5, 2.5FORCE Control Bar [S]
CONNECT Control Bar
17 m - 14 m
Which control bar do you recommend for my child? 
The progressive depower of the HYBRID means that the kite becomes quickly powerless even with minimal movement of the control bar along the depower throw. Therefore, FORCE and CONNECT Control Bar systems are recommended for people of short stature.
What advantages does the HYBRID have over the PEAK? 
The HYBRID is designed for water use. The closed leading edge makes the kite launchable off the water. Compared to the PEAK, it flies calmer and more predictably. The power spikes in the power zone are moderate, the HYBRID generates its power more gently. Steering is very intuitive; it stalls and pivots later than other foil kites. The performance is accessible and easy to control. Especially on deep downwind courses, the HYBRID sits stably in the sky and drifts without folding the wingtips.
Relaunching Techniques
You can use two efficient methods to relaunch the HYBRID. If the kite crashes at the edge of the wind window, pull both steering lines to turn the single-skin section of the kite into the wind. Let the kite wander toward the soft zone. Now you can release it from the surface using any steering line.
Pull both steering lines simultaneously to launch the kite in reverse. Use the floaters for this purpose. The kite launches backward from the water and flies up. Release the tension on one of the floaters until the leading edge points toward the sky. Fly the HYBRID to the edge of the wind window. 
Is the HYBRID or PEAK lighter? 
The HYBRID is only slightly heavier than the PEAK, although a 1:1 comparison is not possible due to the sizes. The total weights, including bridle lines and mixer, are almost equal. 
weight kite only0,52 kg
1,14 lbs
0,68 kg
1,49 lbs
0,82 kg
1,80 lbs
0,88 kg
1,94 lbs
0,96 kg
2,11 lbs
1,32 kg
2,91 lbs
1,50 kg
3,30 lbs
weight kite only0,42 kg
0,92 lbs
0,52 kg
1,14 lbs
0,74 kg
1,63 lbs
0,94 kg
2,07 lbs
1,12 kg
2,46 lbs
1,40 kg
3,08 lbs
HYBRID total weight difference- 0,10 kg
- 0,22 lbs
- 0,16 kg
- 0,35 lbs
- 0,08 kg
- 0,17 lbs
+ 0,06 kg
+ 0,13 lbs
+ 0,16 kg
+ 0,35 lbs
+ 0,08 kg
+ 0,17 lbs
What is the difference between the HYBRID and the SOUL? 
Do you want to kite stress-free in all conditions and on any surface? Then the HYBRID is your choice. The kite on which you want to make your first kite experiences, hydrofoil in waves or progress on hard ground. It has advantages in handling, maintenance, and transport. A kite that builds your confidence. However, if you want to jump, then there is no way around high-performance foil kites such as SOUL or SONIC or our performance tube kites BOOST and STOKE. 
Hydrofoil8 - 16 kts17 - 21 kts 22 - 26 kts 26+ kts
Rider weight x >80 kg SOUL 21, 18, 15
SONIC 21, 18, 15
SOUL 12, 10
SONIC 13, 11
HYBRID 5.5, 3.5HYBRID 2.5
Rider weight 60 - 75 kgSOUL 15, 12
SONIC 15, 13
HYBRID 7.5, 5.5
Rider weight 50 - 60 kgSOUL 10
HYBRID 7.5, 5.5
ChildrenHYBRID 5.5HYBRID 3.5HYBRID 2.5n/a
Twintip8 - 16 kts 17 - 21 kts 22 - 28 kts 26+ kts
Rider weight x >80 kg SOUL 21, 18, 15
SONIC 21, 18, 15
SOUL 12, 10
SONIC 13, 11
HYBRID 7.5, 5.5, 3.5
HYBRID 5.5, 3.5
Rider weight 60 - 75 kgSOUL 12, 10
SONIC 13, 11
HYBRID 11.5, 9.5
HYBRID 9.5, 7.5
SOUL 8, 6
HYBRID 5.5, 3.5HYBRID 3.5
Rider weight 50 - 60 kgSOUL 10
HYBRID 7.5, 5.5
ChildrenHYBRID 7.5HYBRID 5.5, 3.5HYBRID 3.5, 2.5n/a
The HYBRID is our first choice in rough wind conditions. It is the ultimate addition to our SOUL line. For more information, please contact your school or trusted retailer. 
FLYSURFER wishes you lots of fun with the HYBRID!
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