We are ready to kick off a windy demo tour season with you!

Today we are introducing our new Demo Tour webpage & our Demo Tour Teams.

See you on the water!

Demo Tour Team FRANCE

Our French Demo Tour Team includes:

Laure: 35 years old.

In the past life: Flight Attendant & Communication Manager.

Passions: Kiteboarding (twintip), landkiting (buggy) & snowkiting on skis.

Guillaume: 48 years old.

In the past life: Freestyle Kitebuggy Worldchampion, craftsman/artisan & web/data developer.

Flysurfer Opinion Leader in France since 2010.

Passions: Kitesurf (twintip & tiki), land-kiting (buggy & mountainboard) & snow-kiting (snowboard & skis). Fun board, speed-sail & sailing.

Our goal for Flysurfer France: Together, we present FLYSURFER’s products on several spots (beach, lake, mountains) and we also communicate on the French FLYSURFER social media channels. We are hosting Demo Days together with the french FLYSURFER dealer network.

Follow FLYSURFER France: 

FS France Instagram
FS France Facebook Group

Demo Tour Team GERMANY

Our German Demo Tour Team includes:

Thom: forever 21

FLYSURFER Sales Rep Germany & organizer of biggest FLYSURFER demo tour. Owner of FS- Demo Tour Truck.

Passions: Kiteboarding, hydrofoiling, communication & creating great memories for and with customers.

Eike: 23 years old

VDWS Instructor

Passions: Kiteboarding (twintip) & snowkiting (snowboard).

Our Team includes depending on the size of Demo Tour stop up to 7 people. The team also involves: Michi, Heinke, Kent, Kent’s dad & Julian.

We present the latest Flysurfer’s products on several spots at the German North- & East-Sea. And other locations, such as lakes, which are suitable as well for winging and hydrofoiling. In winter we also organize snow kite Demo Days in the mountains.

We are hosting Demo Days together with our partner-schools & dealers.

You can get in touch through the following channel:
FS Germany Instagram

Demo Tour Team BE, NE, LUX & DK

Ramon: 44 years old (NL)
FLYSURFER International Sales
Passions: Wingfoil, BigAir, Hydrofoil

Yusca: 32 years old (NL)
FLYSURFER ambassador
Passions: BigAir, KIteLandBoarding, Snowkiting

Wim: 49 years old (NL)
FLYSURFER ambassador
Passions: Hydrofoil, Strapless Wave

Jan: 53 years old (DK)
FLYSURFER ambassador
Passions: Hydrofoil racing, Wingfoil, Waveriding

FS Benelux & Denmark Instagram
FS Benelux & Denmark Facebook

Soon we are going to present FLYSURFER Demo Teams: Austria, North America, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal & South Africa. Stay tuned.

Credits: Alex Schwarz, Dominik Leitner, Multivan Kitesurf Masters, Michi Leitner

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