The FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Team had 10 intense days with a lot of kiting, testing and legendary parties with we BÄÄM.
The Pringles Kitesurf World Cup 2016, the biggest kiteboarding event in the world, was not located in Sankt Peter Ording like the past years. Instead this year it took place on the German island Fehrmarn.
In the north of the island at the „Grüne Brink“ we had our FLYSURFER Testpoint. Visitors were able to test all our products. Tester came back highly impressed by the SPEED5, BOOST2 and the RADICAL5. We also offered a little taste of our newly announced high performance machine the SONIC2, not only at the event area, where our race team riders filled up the podium of the HydroFoilProTour special Foil event, but also at the test point for everyone.
In home waters our race team made a successful bid against international competition.  Florian Gruber, Adrian Geislinger and Benni Bölli decided the race in their favor and filled the places 1 to 3. We are very proud of you!

The professional consultation at the FLYSURFER stand at the „Südstrand” was excellent. There was a lot to see, to talk about, to enjoy and to relax, especially with the great chill dudes by Beach Yah. An additional highlight was the lottery of the Seenotretter. Visitor could win a unique RADICAL5 kiteboard with a special design. We experienced wonderful support by our corporation-partners Levitaz, Beach Yah, Paloma, Fancy Eyewear. It is becoming a tradition, and also this year we had some legendary parties at our stand. Thanks to Tobi Deckert, FLYSURFERs favorite party DJ, our stand was crowded, it was a blast and we will surely repeat it next year.
It were 10 incredible days, which we won´t forget. A special THANKS to the whole FLYSURFER Crew, the FLYSURFER Team and to all people who visited, tested and supported us!

Joern Pollex/HochZwei
(c) GmbH

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