BOOST - Unleash its power!


Airstyle, Big Air, Race

The Flysurfer BOOST is a highly efficient L.E.I Race Kite, combining explosive lift and huge hangtime. We took progressive technology and blended it with fast turning speed and everyday usability, for sportsmen who love massive airs or racing around courses.

TECHNOLOGY5 strut L.E.I Kite
SKILLSIntermediate +
SIZES7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 LW / 18 LW




„Go fast, boost high, loop it! Power is nothing without control.“

Andreas Hanrieder Aerospace Engineer Dipl.-Ing., FLYSURFER R&D


Double 3D-Shape & Pre-Tension Technology

Double 3D-Shape & Pre-Tension Technology

Thanks to this technology we can produce a highly efficient airfoil, which results in unrivaled hang-time and unmatched upwind performance.

Effortless Kiting

Effortless Kiting

High performance with maximum control. No un-sudden surprises with responsive and intuitive bar-feedback, easy relaunch and high stability even in the strongest gales or gusty inland spots.

Self Launcher

Self Launcher

With the Self Launcher, we are offering you a tool to easily solo-launch the BOOST. Position the kite at the edge of the wind window, connect the sandbag (which comes with the kite) and place this on the ground. Once the kite lines are tensioned the Self Launcher automatically releases safely at just the right moment.

Free Flow Inflation

Free Flow Inflation

We had to make pumping easier, so we developed a new valve – with a larger opening for increased air intake and easy operation. To complete the system we added a R.E.D Pump. This pump is not only smoother and more durable, it also switches from double hub to single hub under high pressure to ensure effortless use.

Lightwind Edition 15 & 18

Lightwind Edition 15 & 18

Enjoy outstanding light wind performance with the BOOST LW. Optimized weight reduction, higher aspect ratio and the innovative adaptive airfoil technology known from the CRONIX. These kites will increase your kiting days and flying experience.

IKA Registrierung

IKA registered

FLYSURFER is passionate about kite-racing so we have registered the BOOST. This allows you to attend every official IKA race event in the L.E.I. class.

BOOST … the high performance L.E.I rocket!

Feel the unstoppable dynamic force of an IKA registered racing machine. Experience quick turning speed, explosive lift, incredible hang-time, amazing upwind ability and forward speed. The BOOST convinces with simplicity and is our new high performance L.E.I. kite. Designed with double 3D shaping and pre-tensioning technology, it is built for everyone. Whether you love massive airs or high paced racing. Aerospace engineer Andreas Hanrieder did extensive research and testing using modern CFD simulation programs to build this super efficient kite. The BOOST is your L.E.I. rocket waiting for take-off. Airstyle, Big Air, Speeding or Megaloops, do whatever you want and set new limits. Get maximum fun out of your light wind sessions with the LW-Editions. Their weight reduction, higher aspect ratio and adaptive airfoils will give you a unique advantage during those lighter breezes.. Unmatched relaunch ability and the turning speed of a smaller kite. The BOOST represents FLYSURFERS innovative high performing product spirit combined with everyday user-friendliness. If you are a passionate high jumping freerider, hydrofoiler or airstyler, then BOOST yourself with FLYSURFER Kiteboarding and unleash its power!

Boost Ready-to-Fly-Package

Total package consists of:

1x BOOST Kite “kite-only”
1x Self Launcher Bag
1x Repair Kit (depower line and further spare parts)
1x BOOST Gear Guide
1x BOOST Kite Bag

Colorpurple & greenyellow & cyancyan & orangegreen & purplecyan & yelloworange & cyan
Area (projected)
Surface Ratio65...73% 65...73% 65...73% 65...73% 65...73% 65...73%
Area growth due to powering up11%11%11%11%11%11%
Aspect Ratio5.
Number of segments161616161616
Line length (m)2121212121 + 621 + 6
Wing depth in the middle (cm)145 164 181 197 200219
Flat Wing Span (cm)6166987728399481039
Weight Kite only (kg)2.462.923.363.723.964.56
Water (knots)17-3815-3413-3010-279-257-22
Land (knots)13-2711-259-238-217-206-18

The Wind Range Chart is to be used as a point of reference. It is based on a rider who weighs around 75kg (165lbs.) Actual use will vary depending on your weight, skill level, board size and the wind conditions on the water or land. When choosing a kite size, always use common sense and always choose a smaller size if you are not sure, especially when using the kite on land.

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