A unique benefit our customers can rely on

The 12-Month Free-Repair Warranty from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding is included with every kite and bar we sell. Thanks to this unique service, which comes in addition to the standard manufacturer’s warranty, your product is protected against almost any damages that may occur during the first year. Repair claims can may be sent directly to FLYSURFER Kiteboarding or to one of our selected service partners worldwide. Put your trust in our highly-qualified team.

12 months Repair-Service

New kites & bars which are privately purchased from FLYSURFER are covered by our Free-Repair Warranty. The time period for eligibility begins on the purchase date shown on your receipt.

Professional repairs

As the manufacturer, we know our products inside and out! Our Skywalk workshop engineers and repair specialists provide top-notch repair services with highest attention to detail.

Worry-Free Handling

Your safety is paramount to us, so you can rest assured that all repairs we do are performed with this in mind. To help make sure you don’t miss a kite day, we also have rental kites available for use.


The 12-Month Free-Repair Warranty protects you in the event of damage to your kite or bar during the first year of ownership – an exclusive benefit from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding!

In case of damage

First, please contact the Skywalk workshop by E-Mail or contact the Flysurfer customer service by phone [+49 (0) 8641 6948 30] Make sure that your kite is clean and dry before you ship it! Always include a completed service order form, then ship to the following address.

FLYSURFER Kiteboarding
Brand of Skywalk GmbH & CO. KG
Windeckstr. 4
83250 Marquartstein

Free Repair Warranty Details

The terms and conditions of the 12-Month Free-Repair Warranty offered by FLYSURFER are listed below. Claims made under the standard manufacturer’s warranty are not affected by the Free-Repair Warranty.

Reciept Required for Free-Repair Warranty Claims

A valid proof of purchase is required when making a claim under the 12-Month Free-Repair Warranty. Intentional deception, particularly with regards to the date or place of purchase, will void the Free-Repair Warranty for all FLYSURFER products owned by the customer.

Exceptions to the Free-Repair Warranty

All FLYSURFER products that have been put to commercial use (for example for training or rental purposes) are excluded from the Free-Repair Warranty. Deliberate damage or damaged caused by gross negligence of the user (for example, due to direct contact with an obstacles, etc.) is also excluded. The SONIC2 Kite and SONIC-FR Kite as well as the Infinity 3.0 Race Control Bar PRO is excluded from 12 months free-repair warranty.

Discoloration of the cloth

Any potential discoloration of the cloth is due to environmental influences, mechanical stress, U.V radiation and/or contact with the ground or other surfaces. Discoloration has no influence on the flight characteristics and is therefore not covered by the warranty. Tip: With some simple care instructions, the user can significantly increase the lifespan of the kite. More information can be found under “Maintenance & Care” in our gear guides in the download section.

Voiding the Warranty

All warranty claims become void if a Flysurfer kite is repaired somewhere other than at Flysurfer Kiteboarding or a Flysurfer authorized repair shop during the warranty period. Any violation of the warranty terms & conditions will also lead to loss of the warranty.

Rental of test kite during repair

A Flysurfer kite will be repaired as soon as possible (depending on the workload of the Skywalk workshop). If a repair takes more than 6 weeks (after receipt of goods), a similar test/demo kite will be provided by Flysurfer free of charge for the extra time required. Upon request, a loan kite can be rented for the complete turnaround time of the repair. Any questions regarding availability and processing will be handled by Flysurfer Customer Service.

Shipping Costs

All shipping fees are paid by the sender, except for the shipping of test/demo kites. In these cases, the customer incurs no costs.

Warranty claim

The warranty period is not extended after making a warranty claim, even if the claim requires Flysurfer to exchange the damaged product for a new one.


The replacement of consequential damages is excluded in the warranty.

The SONIC2 Kite and SONIC-FR Kite as well as the Infinity 3.0 Race Control Bar PRO is excluded from 12 months free-repair warranty!