Achieve more together

We work with various partners in order to achieve meaningful synergies and to open new markets. The other brands under the Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG umbrella play an especially important role.

Skywalk Paragliders

SKYWALK Paragliders is the most innovative manufacturer of paragliders on the market. We are passionate about or work, and our innovations continue to make paragliding safer and less complicated.

X-Gloo Creative Event Equipment

The XGLOO Inflatable Event Tent is the flexible and lightweight solution perfect for any event, and provides the desired attention with limitless customization and color options while saving on staff and time.

German Maritime Search and Rescue ServiceThe German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS) is one of the most modern sea rescue services in the world. The work is funded entirely by donations and voluntary contributions. The rescue crews are ready to North and Baltic seas in all weather conditions around the clock - with a fleet of 60 rescue cruisers and lifeboats. is a parochial project on the kite scene, directed by Carsten Hokema with the help of many volunteers. The team from is underway annually at up to ten kite festivals in Germany and offers instruction with surfkites.
Global Kitesports AssociationMembers of the Association can be producers/sales representatives of kites and boards of established kite and board brands, the representatives of established kite sports events / recognized tours etc. Purpose of the association is, with the participation of kite sports industry to promote the interests of the world's Kite-sports in every way.
International Sailing Federation‘The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) is committed to increasing safety awareness at sea and through the production of the ISAF Training Resources aims to equip all ‘sailors’ with the tools to access the sport, in whatever the chosen discipline, in a structured and safety conscious way.’
Kiteboarding Chiemsee e.V.Kiteboarding Chiemsee has been an active kiting club since 2001, located in Übersee/Feldwies. They support the kiting scene around Chiemsee with internal instruction, current weather information, well-priced terms and further information on the KSA-liability insurance.
Kite Landboarding Association The promotion of kite landboarding in all areas is the target of the KLB association. The association sees herself as the voice and patron for the landboarding scene. Different actions, events, competitions and further initiatives are conducted to invigorate kite landboarding. Since 2012 Flysurfer acts as a patron and takes part in different events of the KLB association (e.g.: young guns project, exhibitor at the KLB open Berlin).
KSA internationalSince 2003, the KSA has been an international advocate for all matters regarding the sport of kiting. The KSA represents a professional link between kiters, kite schools, public authorities, insurance and the media. Through their engagement, our sport has become safer and the image of kitesports has been brought into a favourable light.
LevitazLevitaz is the combination of more than 25 years of manufacturing experience with advanced composite materials and five years of design experience for kitefoils. The Levitaz kitefoils are developed, designed and manufactured in Austria with the latest production technology. As we cover all aspects of the design, calculation and production we guarantee the highest quality possible. Every model that leaves our manufacturing facility has been tested by our professional riders in various conditions.
TRY CrossoverRubbish is an initiative to give old kites, paragliders and event tents a new life through upcycling. Arlette takes equipment that can no longer be used and processes it to cushions, pillows, bags, wallets and laptop bags. The products made in Portugal are available in her online shop.
schwerelosigkiteSchwerelosigkite was founded in 2005 as a street- and surf wear label and received the Brand New Award for innovation and style after a successful entry into the fashion branch at the ISPO 2007. Flysurfer has been supplying second hand kite materials for the accessoires since 2010, thus supporting the recycling effort and the engagement of the label.
TRY CrossoverTRY CROSSOVER is a foundation that offers programs in the fields of sport, music, art and applied science. It gives children and teenager the opportunity to discover their passion and talents. With a little help of supervising experts this setting allows them to get closer to their later career choice.
VDWS internationalThe VDWS international is an association for education for beach- & watersports. With more than 540 watersport stations and over 2400 members in over 30 countries the VDWS stands for a coordinated service system within watersports. The education of watersport-instructors and the support of watersport-schools build the emphasis of the VDWS among others. Hereby a focus is put on the implementation and protection of high quality standards. Flysurfer supported the VDWS with the creation of their Kiteboarding work- and stylebook. The book is not intended as a self education device. Kiteboarding has to be learnt in schools and not in self-studying.
WWS & WWC e.V.The WWS & WWC was found in 1983 as international governing body for watersport. The WWS & WWC is an independent association for the education of instructors and watersporttrainers world wide. Associated schools offer licensed courses and are stationed internationally. Flysurfer supported the WWS & WWC with the creation of the booklet “Kitsurfen für Anfänger”. The booklet does not replace a kite course, it is only meant to be supporting material.