After eleven successful years as a kite & kiteboard developer at FLYSURFER Kiteboarding, Andreas Hanrieder has chosen a new challenge…

The whole FLYSURFER team would like to thank Andi  for the great time!

Andi has successfully implemented and leaded many smaller and larger projects in the Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG – for example the SPEED3 (together with Armin Harich), our tubekite line-up and our kiteboards (from 2012 onwards) are developed by Andi. As his final project, he leaves us his latest baby, the BOOST2. Andi stays loyal to the direction of his study – the aerospace engineer changes into a aircraft constructor for a startup in remote controlled drones. In his spare time he will still remain to be a test pilot at FLYSURFER. The tasks of Andi within the FLYSURFER R & D team will be shared between Maxi and Benni after a prolonged start-up time.

Maxi Kühnhauser studied sports equipment technology and has worked as workshop manager at Skywalk GmbH and as such is directly linked to paragliding and kite development. Maxi is resident of the notorious Siegsdorfer Liftler-Alm, passionate outdoor athlete and kitesurfer. Because designing and building new kite equipment during his work time apparently is not enough, he builds snowboards and other board-related sports equipment in his spare time.

Benni Bölli also studied sports equipment technology and has joined FLYSURFER Kiteboarding as a successful Formula Racing team rider in the fall of 2010. After his internship at Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG, he was immediately hired and worked for almost two years in the SKYWALK paragliding development and then changed over mid-2015 to the development of kites. His domain is primarily hydrofoil kiting and pure performance kites, competition wise he ranks in the world’s kiteracing elite, which in addition to a full-time job is something we are very proud of.

Reinhart Paelinck is still working for FLYSURFER as an external developer – the sympathetic Belgian is working independently on kite projects and can be found at the most diverse spots on this planet.

Armin Harich or “Mister FLYSURFER” still works in outpost Frankfurt as deputy head of development.

Manfred Kistler coordinates the FLYSURFER development and is CEO of the Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG.


With this adapted structure of the FLYSURFER R & D department and the successful product releases in recent months, a fresh spirit is driving the FLYSURFER brand … this positive vibe is very noticeable and catches everyone … and it will reach you too sooner or later 😉


Everyday is a kiteday!


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