FLYSURFER Kiteboarding stands for high quality and durable products, and this claim is something we hear upon and live by. In the last delivery of BOOST2 kites, we unfortunately detected irregularities on our new FreeFlow 2.0 valve in our serial- & quality controls. Since the security and the fun-factor for FLYSURFER customers is of great importance to us, we have decided that we will perform a replacement program for the FreeFlow 2.0 valve for each so far delivered BOOST2 kite for FREE!

Whether your new BOOST2 is already equipped with a new FreeFlow 2.0 valve, is very easy to recognize by the yellow color of the valve body. If your BOOST2 still has a standard built-in black valve body, you have 2 options to request a new valve under the part replacement program:

  1. Contact your FLYSURFER dealer with the serial number of your BOOST2 and express your wish for a FreeFlow 2.0 valve replacement. The FLYSURFER dealer will sent you a correct yellow valve body as well as the appropriate valve wrench, so you perform the part exchange by yourself. Or simply bring the kite directly to your dealer, who then performs the conversion for you.
  2. Don’t have a FLYSURFER dealer in your area? And you would like to handle this directly, then apply directly by email: For quick and smooth processing, we require your delivery address, contact details and the serial number of your BOOST2. The “How-To Guide” can be found in the download area of our homepage.


FLYSURFER Kiteboarding apologizes in advance for all inconveniences occurred. As a goodie we will give a € 5,00 Voucher for our online shop, with each replaced FreeFlow 2.0 valve. We wish you much fun and many memorable sessions with your BOOST2!

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