Free-Repair means more to us than simply a one-time service.Thanks to our Free-Repair Warranty, Flysurfer will carry out practically all damage repairs at no charge for six months of kite usage. But that’s not all. At the same time, this measure allows us to perform a one-time quality safeguard. If we discover a flaw in your kite, we will repair it immediately. Ultimately, for you that means: High quality products with the best service for maximum fun factor and low stress.

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Warranty details

Free-Repair Warranty

Flysurfer provides free repairs on all privately used Flysurfer Kites during the first 6 months from the date of purchase. Flysurfer Kites are covered for private use only. Commercial use, e.g. instruction or rental as well as damage resulting from carelessness and/or negligence (e.g. contact with obstacles, etc.) is excluded from this warranty.


  • The Free-Repair Warranty covers all Flysurfer Kites purchased after 01.01.2005.
  • The customer must register for the Free-Repair Warranty on the internet at within 2 weeks of the date of purchase, and submit a completed warranty card in order to claim the Free-Repair Warranty. Providing fraudulent information, especially with regard to the date of purchase or the dealer details, will void the Free-repair Warranty on all of the customers Flysurfer products.
  • All claims for warranty are void if a Flysurfer Kite has not been repaired by Flysurfer or by an authorised Flysurfer repair centre within the period of warranty.
  • Once repaired, the Flysurfer Kite will be returned to the customer by Flysurfer within 4 weeks. The customer must assume the shipping costs. If the repair takes longer it is possible for Flysurfer to provide a Kite for the extra duration of the repair free of charge. If required it is possible to hire a Kite for a fee for the entire duration of the repair.
  • All shipping (of damaged Kites to Flysurfer and from Flysurfer back to the customer as well as all hire equipment shipped to and from the customer) is the sole risk of the customer. Accruing shipping costs have to be paid by the customer.
  • Making a claim on the Free-Repair Warranty does not extend the overall length of the warranty even if Flysurfer replaces the damaged piece of equipment for a new item. Compensation for any follow up costs is excluded. Violation of these terms and conditions results in the loss of warranty. Legitimate warranty claims aren’t affected by this additional Free Repair Warranty.
  • You can find more information on the procedure of Free-repair Warranty in the documents attached. If you would like to take part in Free-repair Warranty, please fill in the form included with this letter.
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