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Polish landkiting weekend LESZNO 2012


Great results have been achieved at the Polish landkiting weekend Leszno 2012 using Flysurfer kites. The event took place in the city of Leszno, which is located 80 km south from Poznan.

Leszno Airport is a perfect spot for kitelandboarding.

A lot of space, nice and short cut grass and rather stable wind. Landkiters from all over Poland came to take part in this event.  We had light winds around 8-10 knots but enough for the competition and for testing the big Flysurfer kites.

It is a pleasure to announce that the freestyle competition was dominated by the Polish Flysurfer team. A lot of riders trained very hard to challenge the currently best kitelandboarder and Flysurfer national Teamrider Pawel Ratus. But not this time!

Pawel, as first Polish rider, performed the first official handle-pass kitelandboarding on grass and clearly won the competition.We could also see grabs, spins, boards offs and one footers. The most used kite during the event was the Flysurfer Speed3 CE in 21, 19, 15m.

Results of the freestyle competition:

1. Pawel Ratus – Flysurfer

2. Przemyslaw Tolczyk – Flysurfer

3. Marcin Kalecki – Flysurfer

4. Łukasz Strupeichowski – Flysurfer

More pics of the event: http://www.airman.pl/index.php/zdjcia/128-leszno-landkiting-20

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